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When I stated that I did not think that genetics mattered my thinking was that, despite the metabolic differences and imbalances in us and what causes those metabolic differences and imbalances, the drug companies and doctors all take the same approach towards lowering blood pressure.

The drug companies spend most of their time and billions of dollars testing different ways of blocking or inhibiting the hormones/cytokines that are known to cause higher blood pressure and fast or erratic heart rhythms.

Beta Blockers block hormones coming out of the Adrenal Complex among other glands/organs. (Personally, I have found Coreg (Carvedilol) to be an incredibly effective, medical miracle. After I finally decided to take it correctly, I have been AMAZED at the good things that it does for one's health! I LOVE Coreg!!!).

Ace Inhibitors try to inhibit Angiotensin I and II.

Calcium Channel Blockers try to block hormones/cytokines primarily effecting the Calcium Channel of the heart.

These medications work best when one's metabolism is healthy. If someone has an unhealthy or unbalanced metabolism, due to a bad diet having too many calories; or due to lack of exercise; or due to frequently coming into contact with irritants or allergens, etc.; then the medications just don't work as well as they could.

If someone is fortunate to have low blood pressure 24 hours per day, every day, regardless of how bad they treat their own bodies, then more power to them. If the rest of us want to have healthier metabolisms, then we are STUCK having to limit our diets, exercise, take medications and avoid unpleasant irritants/triggers.

Blaming our Blood Pressure on our genetics doesn't get us off the hook. We still have to take the painful steps at lowering our blood pressure and balancing our metabolisms, don't we!? :(

So...... in summary, [B][U]yes genetics play a role in our health problems and in our blood pressure[/U][/B], [U]but the steps that must be taken towards good health and healthy blood pressure are the same for everyone[/U]! In other words, whether it is genetics, or environment, or lifestyle, or diet, or race, or sex, or age; the steps towards good health and good blood pressure are a healthy diet (whatever that is), exercise, appropriate effective medication and avoiding irritants and things that cause higher blood pressure and worsening health. Four completely different steps, [B][I]ALL OF WHICH[/I][/B] are necessary to get one's blood pressure down to consistently healthy levels.

[*][I]I share what I have learned about what I have done to bring my blood pressure down to healthy levels in the hopes that it can help others. After all..... what I propose is not all that revolutionary--- Diet, exercise, medication and avoiding irritants that raise high blood pressure[/I]. :) :wave:

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