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[QUOTE=Stewartmac;4985666] ... I am a male senior experiencing blood pressure spikes.[/QUOTE]

Hello from another senior! :wave: I'm around 70.

How often do you measure your blood pressure? How many spikes do you get in a day? When do you get most of your bp spikes, morning or evening?

[QUOTE]I am on blood pressure medication and am what I would have considered 'stabilized'.[/QUOTE]

During the time that you were 'stabilized' did you have any spiking during the day?

I suffered from chronic high blood pressure for many years. Because I also had Heart Failure, and wanted to be pro-active, I started taking my blood pressure an average of 7 times per day starting in 1998; and have taken my blood pressure around 31,000 times since then, although, this year I have basically almost stopped taking my blood pressure, since it is ALWAYS at healthy levels.

From, at least 1998 through 2004 my blood pressure was around 147/93, spiking up and down all the time. It was awful. I am very lucky I survived all those years without stroking or having serious organ disease and damage.

It took years for me to get my blood pressure down to healthy levels. In fact, the following were my annual blood pressure averages from 1998 thru 2004 and from 2005 thru 2011.

[U]At least 7 Years of unhealthy blood pressure:[/U]
1998 152/97; 1016 readings.
1999 146/92; 3599 readings.
2000 145/92; 3322 readings.
2001 147/92; 2375 readings.
2002 151/96; 1423 readings.
2003 151/96; 1032 readings.
2004 146/91; 2065 readings.

[U]Ahhhhh, finally acheiving better blood pressure![/U]
2005 139/86; 2526 readings.
2006 136/79; 3269 readings.
2007 126/74; 2720 readings.
2008 122/72; 2543 readings.
2009 124/72; 2682 readings.
2010 122/71; 1431 readings.
2011 121/71; 707 readings.

[QUOTE=Stewartmac]Recently I been awakening 2 -3 am from a sound sleep with a feeling of pressurized warmth and a BP reading of 194//96 with a heart rate of 83. While I have been being treated for some years for high BP, I have not experienced these 'spikes' until recently.

Recently while sitting at my computer I experienced this pressurized warmth with a BP of 187/93 heart rate 75. This spiking lasts for just a few minutes then the pressure releases with a BP of 145/73 heart rate of 59. While this pressure is increasing it feels like something is going to pop. [/QUOTE]

When you say, a heart rate of 83- is that a steady, calm heart beat, or does it feel jumpy and/or erratic. The same metabolism dysfunction that causes high blood pressure can also cause an erratic heart beat.

Have you ever been diagnosed as having Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)? To me, there are two main reasons for high blood pressure, either the arterial buildup of plaque, or because of a dysfunctional metabolism.

Are you ever short of breath, or have breathing problems?

Regarding the pressurized warmth... does that also entail sweating? Do you get lightheaded at that time? Weak? Any fatigue?

[QUOTE]This spiking being new to me, I would greatly appreciate communicating with members and sharing their experiences with spiking. I can go into more detail as to any underlying causes, but I thought would first post my question.[/QUOTE]

I was getting evening spikes like you get, back in 1998 thru 2004 and I learned thru research here on HealthBoards that an evening spiking in blood pressure is often the result of Insulin Resistance, or Pre-Diabetes. I went on a diet targeting Insulin Resistance and my blood pressure and bp spikes improved significantly.

I posted a thread about the diet back in 2005, when I was first going on the diet, asking the question: [B][COLOR="Purple"]Does an "Insulin Resistance" diet improve blood pressure?[/COLOR][/B]; at the direct link: [B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][/COLOR][/B] if you would care to read about it.

[QUOTE=Stewartmac]One of the members mentioned that Benzodiazapene can be helpful for primary relief, . . .any opinions on that?[/QUOTE]

Anti anxiety medications may reduce blood pressure somewhat, but they are not nearly as effective and helpful as the recognized and tested blood pressure medications, IMHO. To me, it would be better to treat high blood pressure and anxiety with blood pressure medications, which not only reduce blood pressure and heart rate, but also have calming effects.

There are no medical students or medical professional on HealthBoards, so our opinions are just based on personal experiences.

Just in case you are interested, the following is a thread that contains charts showing blood pressure patterns during unhealthy years of blood pressure, and during the subsequent healthy years of blood pressure. The charts show just how much blood pressure varies throughout an average day, from hour to hour, 24 hours per day.

[B][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Charts of my struggle fighting against Chronic, uncontrolled, High Blood Pressure[/COLOR][/B], direct link:

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