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Around two years ago I had a fever and went to my doctors who noticed my blood pressure was high. It registered 160/78

I was then sent for a 24 blood pressure monitor, the results were;

Total average; 131/77
Day average; 137/81
Night average; 115/68
Early morning average; 102/54
(I got very anxious each time I felt the machine start to inflate)

This test was carried out during my normal working day, the highest reading was; 169/79 at 19.25 and the lowest reading was 97/61 at 0.23 while I was sleeping. The doctor was happy with the results and no further action required.

I put the home blood pressure monitor away and stopped using it, until one day I decided to see what the reading would be; I was shocked to find it registering reads of 165/79 so started monitoring my pressure. I get anxious at the thought of BP, or seeing a machine and the cuff. My heart races, I clam up.

This is where I get confused, I can get out of bed, have some cereal, take a shower, sit down and immediately take my pressure, because I am very conscious about the high readings I can feel my heart start to race, can’t help but panic about the result and the reading from this situation this am was;

174/80 (Very anxious about the result)
After a few minutes it fell to 158/73
And then 130/73
And then back to 162/70 without feeling as axsious.

This is sitting on the end of my bed with my feet flat on the floor and arm extended in front of me using pillow at the same level as my heart.

If I have my arm at the side of me and not extended and supported I get readings like


I went to the doctors again and he told me to take two readings a day at the same time for 7 days and use the lowest one then average them out. On the printout it said sit on a chair resting for 5 minutes, back supported and arm extended/supported at heart level. Doing this I got the following readings;

Mon to Fri am & pm (lowest of the two readings taken)

132/68 am
141/77 pm

128/64 am
124/64 pm

126/61 am
126/63 pm

131/63 am
132/66 pm

110/61 am
120/64 pm

122/60 am
121/58 pm

107/60 am
138/67 pm


The doctor was pleased with this result and said not to check for 12 more months, however having got the high readings today again I am now very worried that I may have a problem.

Around 4 years ago my partner was diagnosed with Leukaemia, this resulted in us moving to London for treatment two days after finding out (Partners parents are from London and wanted treatment there). When I first registered at the doctors in London my registration BP was 120/60, I found a job while living at partners parents but then didn’t have a great time in the job, I then got another job but made redundant within a year, all this as well as with the treatment was very difficult.

Treatment finished and thankfully my partner is now in remission, 2 years later I went to the doctors and that’s when they first noticed the high BP, a few months after that I started anti depressants because the cancer was still bothering me, I started worrying about my own health to the point of convincing myself I have something wrong and suddenly couldn’t cope hence the tablets. I stopped the tablets around 5 months ago but as I felt ready.

Do I have a BP problem or is my high Systolic related to stress and anxiety? Yes my current job is stressful sometimes but I enjoy it. My home Omron machine is not faulty as my partner’s readings are normal no matter what.

28 years of age
Cardio at the gym 2 or 3 times per week
Walk to and from work most days (20 minutes each way)
Eat healthy
Excellent cholesterol (Doctor was he was envious)

Please help me put my mind at rest. The bottom number is always perfect, it's the stop number that bothers me.

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