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Hello all,

I'm new to the board. I'm looking for some input from people with experience on this topic.

I was diagnosed with moderately high blood pressure about six or seven years ago. I take 50mg of Cozaar once a day. I also take Toprol XL, 50 mg 2x per day for mitral valve prolapse.

I've been doing much more exercising the last year and also been doing slow breathing exercises daily for the blood pressure. All I'm doing on my own seems to have brought my blood pressure down. While it spikes from time to time, it's generally around 115/65 -- in that general area. It still gets around 145/85 at the doctor's office.

What concerns me is that my blood pressure will often be normal on the systolic but has gone as low as 53 on the diastolic. And there have been a few times (not many) when I am a bit dizzy when I get out of a chair. That seldom happens but it has.

I see the cardiologist tomorrow and will, of course, discuss this. But I would very much appreciate your feedback.

Has anything like this happened to anyone here? I am going to talk to him about either getting off the medication or cutting the dosage. I am concerned about the white coat syndrome. That's not a good thing, of course. But I sure don't want my bp too low.

I'm a 68-year-old female.

Thank you.

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