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My GP has recently started treating my high blood pressure with ramipril after a 24hr blood pressure test showed my BP to be around the 165-175/95-105 mark.

I started on 1.25mg for a month which reduced my BP a little at first but towards the end of the 4 wk period it seemed less effective. My GP increased the dose to 2.5 which immediately (same day) reduced my BP to a really good level - typical readings were 125/83 or 117/81 for the next 4 days. But 4 days later my BP was as high as it had been before I started taking ramipril at all so I went back to see my GP. She increased the dose again - to 5mg - and again my BP returned to near ideal levels. Stayed that way for 4 days but now my BP has become high again - typical readings yesterday/today of 148/98 or 158/104. It's as if the medication works very well very quickly for a few days and then simply stops working. Of course I am going to see my GP again but I wondered if others have had this experience and if so what worked for them.

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