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I've had low blood pressure for years (I'm 21, female, my BP is 80/60), this is what's normal to me. But something I've been noticing more and more often lately is that almost every single time I stand up from a seated or lying position, I get super dizzy and the feeling I'm going to faint. I have never actually fainted in my life and usually the feeling goes away when I stop walking, stand there for a few seconds and I'm good to go. But it's frustrating going through this all the time, and I may end up fainting in the future, who knows. Sometimes just the simple act of picking up something off the ground makes me feel lightheaded. Is this normal? some websites say it's normal for people with low BP to have these symptoms. Other websites say people who have naturally low BP do not show any symptoms and this only happens to people who have higher BPs that drop suddenly. But I've always had low BP. I experienced greyout once about 5 years ago (saw everything in black and white only), had to lay down. What do you think? should I be worried or do you all have these problems as well?

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