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I am a 20-something who is living with the daily struggles of Neurally Mediated Hypertension. I was just diagnosed a few months ago after suffering with symptoms for about 3 years.

Since my symptoms began it has been a virtually nightmare of day to day living. I have passed out several times in various places and have learned that I am just not capable of doing certain thing because it almost always results in attacks and episodes.

I feel like I'm living in a constant mental fog. I used to be so organized and motivated and now I am simply just processing information and losing my train of thought on a continuos basis. I have moment where I completely blank and zone out. I can't remember things and find it difficult to word what I want to say. And the headaches can be just as unbearable.

But that is nothing compared to the ever present lightheaded ness and the dizzy spells, the crazy body temperature changes and the blackouts. I feel like total crap all the time and that is no exaggeration. I feel like I can never get enough sleep, always dragging my feet and falling asleep on the couch. I can only work part time and even that is becoming a stretch. I just can never be sure of what the day will bring, will I be able to make it to work? Will I be able to take a shower without blackouts or dizziness? And what if I'm driving and an attack comes on? It has just been a serious challenge of strength and determination.

Then you have the people who think you are completely full of it. I have a supervisor at work who smirks whenever I ask to leave early or call in. It just make you want to scream sometimes. People have no idea what I go through everyday, how my relationship with my new husband is tested or how I feel worthless because I just can't do what a healthy person can. I am just so exhausted and feel like I just can't win. The treatments I have tried thus far have lead nowhere and it's become a emotional roller coaster.

Is there anyone out there who has had similar experiences? Anyone who can lend some advice?

-The Fainter

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