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I also have low BP. It's normally around 96/60+ but has been as low as about 83/55. I've read that low BP can be one symptom of hypothyroidism (which you said you have). High cholesterol is also common with hypothyroidism. If you'd already been diagnosed hypothyroid when your BP had been running 125/80, something else is obviously causing it to fall.

Your dizziness, washed out, tired and under the weather feelings are also symptoms of iron deficiency anemia but don't know if anemia causes low BP. Was an iron panel done with your labwork? Are you having heavy or prolonged periods that could cause iron to be low? Hypothyroidism is also connected to low iron levels. Low B12 can also cause these symptoms but there are probably a number of other things that can too. Hopefully, your doctor can get to the bottom of this and get you feeling better soon.

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