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I'm only 20. Hence blood pressure was the last thing on my mind at first. I thought I was just tired, stressed, or just doing too much in one day. Note that I do have ADHD (severe) so I'm usually driven by a motor with my actions, reactions, etc etc...
I was hospitalized in a few months ago for a completely irrelevant health issue to this (CSF leak from a lumbar puncture). The nurses noticed that my blood pressure would consistantly be at low levels (lowest 70's over 40's/50's, highest 90/40 or 50's) compared to my usual resting bp of approximately 115/90.

I am(or was) athletic at the they weren't too concerned... Was discharged after a blood patch.

Now for two months, I haven't been feeling like myself. I'm tired all the time. I feel like I'm half dead. I'm not as hyper and as energetic as before. I'm weak. Not in the whole self pity way. But I have literally no energy to keep my eyes open - forget about even walking. My blood pressure is always between 80/40 and 90/50. I almost pass out every time I stand up, and despite increasing my food intake - sodium especially- I have dropped to 115lbs from 130 in over two months (unintentionally).

So in short, I have experienced the following symptoms:
- weakness
- fatigue (severe)
- partial syncope with vision loss(I think that's the term for almost fainting but regaining consciousness)
- constant low blood pressure
- unintentional weightloss
- occasional chest pain
- increased sensitivity to cold
- loss of feeling in arms and legs when having hypotension dizzy spells

I have seen a cardiologist, neurologist, and endocrinologist over the course of two months. Hormones are normal - they didn't check cortisol, heart is normal, but they noticed a slight enlargement of my pituitary gland.

They don't seem to take this as an urgent case and have been delaying to see me for weeks. But this is seriously affecting my daily activities. I cannot get up to work and I can barely walk for long without feeling like passing out.

Has anyone experienced this? What were you diagnosed with? What could I suggest to my doctor to help reach a diagnosis and treatment?

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