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... See if your doctor has any samples of Benicar. It is an ARB also...worth a try. I don't know of anyone having side effects with this particular drug. For some people it does not work, but that is another problem. (3 replies)
... Benicar is an Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB) one of the newer classes of BP meds. I have been on it since last summer. And I think it is made in Germany. Some of the ones that you may have on your list of American meds are Diovan, Cozzar, Avapro, Atacand, and Micardis. Benicar is (I believe) the newest in this class. HCT is Hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic Cass (14 replies)
... I agree, for lack of side effects, nothing beats the ARB class (COZAAR, HYZAAR, DIOVAN, AVAPRO, ATACAND)...IF you can get enough BP control with the class- many cannot. VERY often another drug must be used with this class. (Except with the HYZAAR which already contains thiazide.) (14 replies)

... This is not very impressive white coat. 120/78 vs. 116/67? That's not going to matter. If either one was your blood pressure off meds, obvisously you wouldn't need treatment. But, you are on THREE drugs! Altace (an ACEI) was a good start. You couldn't take it? What happened? Did you cough? Did it lower your blood pressure? If you were having side-effects from... (19 replies)
... The "ARB class of BP meds is the newest. They are not the strongest class and so most are combined with a diuretic. But they are the ones least likely to cause any side effects. The one I take is called Benicar HCTZ it's the newest one. Others are Diovan, Cozzar, Avapro, Atacand, and Micardis. When combined with a diuretic, usually hydrochorothiazide, the HCTZ is added to the... (11 replies)
... kfz, I am one of the atenolol haters...messes my sleep, causes weight gain, slows me down so I can't exercise. Ask your doctor to TRY an ACE ionhibitor and a diuretic on you. If you cough too much from the ACE inhibitor (LOTS do) then ask for an ARB (angiotensin receptor blocker like Diovan, Cozaar, Hyzaar, Avapro) plus a diuretic (Hyzaar has it built in.). The last... (11 replies)
... That was the other thing I was going to suggest, maybe taking the Diovan in 2 doses, as sometimes timing is everything. I hate having to remember to take one in the a.m. and one at night, but hey, ya get use to it after a week or two. ... (16 replies)
Benicar 20mg/Hct
Jun 10, 2004
... P.S...Also tried Diovan and that did the same thing, plus tried Altace, which was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE of side effects. ... (10 replies)
... Diovan, Benicar, Cozaar, Micardis, Atacand, Avapro et al? ... (6 replies)
... :wave: :wave: I've been taking an ace inhibitor since 1997 for hbp, at that time I did not know the side effects. Until one day waiting for the bus I began to cough uncontrollably and my legs buckled. I then went to the nih gov. site and prinvil and zestril along with hctz can cause very bad side effects. I finally quite taking them after about 3 years. I was given avapro,... (34 replies)
Altace and Cough
Nov 11, 2003
... CGGONZALEZ- You aren't alone at all.... Youre cough and dizziness can both be side effects of ALTACE. The most frequent side effects of the ace inhibitors are: cough dizziness or lightheadedness headache fatigue nausea If you are getting good BP control, but feel lousy on Altace, and have no other contraindications to change drugs ask your doctor about one of the... (14 replies)
... same class as Diovan and Benicar, although molecularly they all differ from each other, and sometimes if one doesn't work, another will, even within the same class. ... (11 replies)
Change in meds
Apr 19, 2003
... Hi- Without knowing your history, all I can say is that the Angiotensin 11 receptor blockers (Cozaar, Diovan, and Avapro) are extremely effective anti-hypertensives and seem to have less side effects overall than most of the other classes of BP meds. Usually really well tolerated! Of course, everyone reacts differently to all these meds, but it certainly is a reasonable way... (1 replies)
... Trying to decided which one of the three to bug my doctor for. I'm athletic and have problems with CCBs (on tiazec now) and ACE (lotrel) give me a bad bad cough. Any advice? Cost? side effects? (2 replies)

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