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Jun 15, 2007
... I would have to sleep an hour or so in my terry bathrobe before I could finish drying myself off and dressing, I was too tired to fix meals, too tired to return phone calls, too tired to call the doctor and tell him I was no longer able to function. ... (12 replies)
... :wave: I'm happy you found something to help with your bp. I am still trying to get my bp and meds corrdinated. This board gives great incite and knowledge. It's good to know you're not alone. I go to the dr today, and hopefully he will give me a bp med that has slight side effects. Do you know if benacair is an ace inhibitor? (13 replies)
... I really like this medicine. The only side effects I've noticed, in the beginning I was EXTREMELY tired all the time, but now that seems to be fading. ... (13 replies)

... But he gave me Benicar HCTZ which I started yesterday. ... (0 replies)
... I have been taking it for 2 months and it seems to have more side effects than the Benicar brand tablets. I'm wondering if the absorbtion rate is faster or something with the generic. ... (0 replies)
... Hi. Diovan can definitely cause those side effects. Benicar might be worth a shot, although it could be that your wife just doesn't do well with ARBs. ... (8 replies)
... a few months ago. I was taking Diovan for 3 years but it stopped working and my numbers were rising. The first few days after starting on the Benicar I had very low blood pressure... ... (3 replies)
... I'm on Benicar. I've taken Diovan and Micardis before with no help to my BP. Benicar is the only one that really gets my bp down. Initially I had some stomach issues but they did pass. ... (5 replies)
... About a month ago my doctor took me off Accupril and started me on 40 mgs. a day of Benicar. After about 3 weeks I started noticing increasing joint paint. It got so bad in both hips that I could barely get out of bed, much less walk without extreme pain. So I switched back to the remainder of my Accupril meds and the joint pain has subsided. I'm almost 60. Has anyone else... (2 replies)
... I am a native and take Benicar too. ... (22 replies)
... I have been taking Benicar 40 and I am noticing alot of dizzyness. Is this transitory. ... (14 replies)
... On top of that, the total cost of the Benicar was LESS than the Diovan !!!! ... (10 replies)
... UPDATE: and so the saga continues... after contacting doc's office to get new scrip, was unable to get 2011 pricing of drug from supplier web site, had enough left to cover me thru January, so told doc's office that I'd wait until the new prices were posted in early January, and start the process from there. OK. Got an email reminder from by-mail supplier yesterday saying... (10 replies)
... I felt on top of the world yesterday thinking this was the greatest drug ever because benicar took 4 weeks to get my pressure down. ... (7 replies)
Benicar HCT 40-25
Jun 27, 2009
... Have been on benicar for about 2 years...and, just got put on benicar hct 40. I think I may be fighting my 2nd uti since starting this med. I have never had a uti. Anyone ever hear of this...or is this just a fluke? ... (4 replies)
... but it seems the HCTZ in the Benicar is what I needed all along. ... (6 replies)
Oct 31, 2006
... mg of Benicar is more potent than 50 mg of atenolol and more potent than various doses of Norvasc and Capoten.. ... (6 replies)
... Hi rw82, So what's the medication that your hasband is using now? Thanks, Michael (5 replies)
... m he did say something to the effect that I'm telling you to exercise and I'm giving you something that will make you not want to. And my husband was very, very, tired while on Benicar. ... (5 replies)
... I have a problem too with ARBs and ACEs. I have tried Cozaar and Atacand, both are ARBs like Benicar. I got extremely tired and dizzy while I'm on ARBs or ACEs :(. I really liked Cardiazim because I have no side effects at all (as far as I see). rw82 could you please tell me for how long your hasband have been on Benicar? 1 month or more? Thanks, Michael (5 replies)

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