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... Does it also happen to you when laying down? ... (2 replies)
Is this too low?
Jul 22, 2004
... ctor. My heart is structurally fine too, but there's a lot about this problem that they don't know about. Lots of different things can affect the regulation of blood pressure. There is a wide range of what's considered normal blood pressure, but your's really is pretty darn low. ... (10 replies)
... Hi guys! I've been having that fuzzy head feeling for about a year now. It usually happens when I get up from setting or laying down. I thought I was getting up too fast, but these days I don't move fast! I had been having pains in my left arm also extreme pressure in my upper back. ... (34 replies)

... t want to fill the board with my posts and responses, but I really think that this might be a different subject, specially because this was the beginning of High Blood Pressure trouble for me, and obviously it started before the medications. ... (4 replies)
Vasovagal Syncope
Dec 18, 2013
... with and use whatever distraction or relaxation technique that works if it works at all. The cascade of events that occur are rapid and are not an indication of blood pressure problems or any known disease state. ... (1 replies)
... its hard and stressful....icing on the cake I have low blood pressure most would love to have that right? ... (0 replies)
... I've never been in a doctors office that didn't take my heart rate and blood pressure. ... (16 replies)
... no pain when I am sitting or laying down. I have gained about 10 pounds from after the surgery, but that shouldn't have increased it that much. ... (1 replies)
... and instructions that you get with your monitor. When a person is in the hospital, and not able to sit, bp is taken while laying down. If the person has hypertension, the readings will continue to show hypertension, even tho laying down. ... (4 replies)
... big drop in blood pressure with the tachycardia. ... (8 replies)
... That's a tad bit excessive. What's your resting heart rate when laying down and then after you get up? ... (1 replies)
... So now for the actual issue. I have been having random blood pressure spikes and drops for years. ... (0 replies)
... high BP since I was 13. All my readings were high. Went to a cardiologist and he did some tests and said nothing was wrong and that I had severely overreative blood pressure. I guess that means its really sensitive. We'll I've had HBP all these years now with no problems. I played sports, remained active and all. ... (18 replies)
... quite a bit of chest pain. Back to the hospital, where they admitted me for 8 days to run a bunch of tests. Lung scan to make sure no embollism which was clear, blood work for magnesium, thyroid, blood surgar all clear, echo showed no signs, and holter monitor that recorded beats up to 188. ... (4 replies)
Jun 16, 2005
... Keep in mind, it's the "pulse pressure" that you are going to tend to feel. This is the difference between the two numbers. For example, someone who has a "normal" BP of 115/65 (PP=50) is more likely to experience palpitations than someone with a high BP of 150/120 (PP=30). Pal (4 replies)
80/52 -> 190/110
May 5, 2012
... I'm trying to get ideas for why my blood pressure ranges so wildly. Okay.... short history. I'm 28 years old. I've never had any medical problems. One year ago, I was diagnosed with gallstones. ... (2 replies)
... wait a minute, I'm confused. I thought you are on Bystolic and lilked it? Did I miss something here? (28 replies)
... After experimenting with several beta blockers, I can say that all beta blockers slow your system down a little, and take the edge off. this is part of what they are meant to do. Some more than others. ... (28 replies)
... I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a little over a week ago. ... (0 replies)
... Normal Blood Pressure does fluctuate. ... (1 replies)

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