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... Thank you for replying. Yes, my dad's blood pressure was normal for his age. In the last four years there have been some fluctuations but not real drastic like this past week. Today, normal in the morning. ... (5 replies)
... Over the past 2 weeks my blood pressure has spiked way up. ... (6 replies)
... ctor's office. You should have some other readings taken and see if the numbers stay that high. Before you run out and buy a monitor, you might try taking your blood pressure in various pharmacies or grocery stores, or where ever they have public use monitors. ... (7 replies)

... I'm a 35 year old woman, about 110 lbs and not in too bad of shape. I was diagnosed at 31 with blood pressure that was through the roof. ... (4 replies)
... I have not been to a chiropractor in a long time I'm going to research them shortly mostly to find one in my income range. We have colleges here at least but still they cost (used to be free) My blood pressure does not go up more than 10-15 points on normal routines with medications I take,however any stressful exercises heart rate (and along with it) blood pressure rises... (4 replies)
... He always felt great, high blood pressure or not. About six months ago, he suffered a massive stroke. He survived but his quality of life has really deteriorated. ... (24 replies)
... o, to see if it brings it down even in her office. I agreed. I have been med free since Feb when I stopped Beta Blockers that I took for a year for this "Labile" blood Pressure, so going on any med bummed me out. ... (25 replies)
... My doctor says the cause of HBP pressure is a KIDNEY and SODIUM problem. In other words it is IMPAIRED kidneys as the result of to MUCH sodium in the diet. ... (53 replies)
... Although I haven't been on hrt, I've done some very serious reading about medications and blood pressure over the last couple of years. From what I understand, doctors and researchers suspect that hrt can elevate pressures... ... (10 replies)
... and he way over medicated me. ... (11 replies)
... ulin processing is an extremely important process, and when dysfunctional, as is the case with Insulin Resistance, can cause all kinds of maladies such as higher blood pressure. You can have Insulin Resistance with normal blood sugar readings. ... (10 replies)
... I've been looking all over for something that covers this topic, but I've found nothing so far. A few months ago, I was having heart palpitations due to high blood pressure. I started on a calcium channel blocker, but the palpitations didn't go away, and I experienced spasming and a tightness in my chest. ... (1 replies)
... I am 65 years old and have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure that has been controlled for many years with drugs. ... (5 replies)
... This is a recent development, as in over the past two weeks. ... (2 replies)
... One reading, either one year ago or now does not carry alot of meaning. If you have a concern about your blood pressure, measure it over a period of weeks, after resting in a chair for 10 minutes, feet flat on the ground, arm at heart level, with a relaible BP cuff. Record these values.... ... (5 replies)
... Have been on Enapril for a while but failed to monitor pressure regularly. ... (2 replies)
... Yes, sodium can influence blood pressure for some people. ... (4 replies)
... If you took her BP twice a day for a week what would say would be her average systolic pressure for the 14 readings? ... (9 replies)
... or so over 110 and I had permanent heart damage. I'm now in my 50's, on meds for both my heart and blood pressure. ... (5 replies)
... My wife, age 62 has had normal blood pressure until 3 days ago. Spiked to over 200 accompanied with rapid heart beat. Visit to er rsulted in cardizem and drop of pressure and pulse to normal. One day later spioked again and off to ER. ... (14 replies)

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