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... That was that bird flu thing I wrote about a week ago. I had had a really bad cough when they put me on Lotensin about three years ago, so they switched me to Diovan and it had been alright. I am not sure if it is because of the diovan or this mysterious winter illness I developed a short while ago. ... (110 replies)
... I also take Diovan and have been taking it for over two years and I have gained 10 pounds and it is also around my waist. I exercise every day and I eat healthy. ... (5 replies)
... Now, as to the discussion that Evelyn and Lenin were having, my doctor said that stroke was a possibility if I dropped the Diovan. ... (110 replies)

... My guess is the HCTZ. Thus, I expect you'll have the same problems. FWIW, I tried Hyzaar 50/12.5 (Cozaar + HCTZ). It did absolutely nothing for my BP. And, my workout performance was reduced to the point that I couldn't even complete my 3+ mile route. I was pretty much dead after just 1 mile. I had been running this regularly for the past 2 years. Benicar 20mg (without... (7 replies)
... I dropped the 80 mg of Diovan with a 12.5 diuretic as of last night and started Benicar 20 mg with 12. ... (7 replies)
... My motto is when in doubt go to the gym. I have been tested on so many different meds due to side effects and hitting walls at the gym with some of the meds. Some that brought my pulse rate down so low I could not get a decent heartrate up for cadio. ... (7 replies)
... veggies. also upped the exercise.Lost a lot of weight. I was also on Diovan HCT 160. The Dr. weaned me off the Toprol by giving me a 7 day supply of 50mg and a 14 day supply of 25mg. She then said to stop. Then we worked on getting off the Diovan HCT. ... (8 replies)
... I'm going to take your advice and try it that way. As for my new eating habits it is truly my new way of life...I feel so energetic with this new way of eating.. ... (8 replies)
... If your BP is dropping that drastically then you are probably getting to much med. (5 replies)
... I am 2 weeks into my Diovan dosage. I take 80 mg, but the dr. ... (5 replies)
... I stopped taking diovan last year (Oct. 2004) and im doing fine,i dont know why, may be because of the exercise and the water therapy, my blood pressure is 124/84 without the medicine, i hate medicines, the only medicine im taking now is the gliphizide for my diabetes, my blood sugar is normal too, 84, the highest is 140, without diovan im doing great, sometimes my blood sugar... (110 replies)
... Good for you that is great. The workouts though are 3 hours long? I hope you bring meals with that amount of time. Even professional body builders don't work out for 3 hours straight...Lisa :bouncing: (110 replies)
... I am 49. I have had high blood pressure issues for 9 years. I have controlled using holistic remedies and weight reduction. ... (3 replies)
... miles. The Diovan does not have any noticeable side effects and I have plenty of energy. Aerobic exercise will help lower your blood pressure if done consistently. ... (4 replies)
... Well, finally decided on diovan and took my first dose tonight. Feels like a kind of failure. I've had a sense it was coming for some time. ... (1 replies)
... My doctor told me if I can lose some weight and exercise I may be able to quit taking them one of these days? ... (2 replies)
... your blood pressure goes up, because your cardiac output has increased. also, your sympathetic nervous system kicks in when you exercise.. this causes vasoconstriction skin sweating. this further increases your blood pressure. my problem is that i think 80 mgs is too much for me. cause i can't constrict at all. i dont' know. i started doing 1/2 pills today. i'm going... (5 replies)
Apr 2, 2013
... No, you cannot just stop taking it. Talk with your doctor first and wean off if he thinks you can try it. Diovan doesn't sure your hbp. Other than diet and exercise, nothing will cure it. And iif it's genetic, then you'll most likely always be on a med for it. ... (3 replies)
... and I am getting headaches and dizzyness. Which I never get. ... (139 replies)
Mar 8, 2008
... fatigued will slow down your metabolism. On Diovan, I would work out and be exhausted for the remainder of the day. Try something else and see if it helps. ... (6 replies)

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