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... in high enough dosages can definitely throw a wrench into the plumbing equipment. I also believe that DIOVAN does not help the situation. Their have been several small studies with DIOVAN and COZAAR, and the studies claim that these medications improve sexual function. ... (13 replies)
... First of all, regarding your BP, if it continues to climb, then you'll know you need to increase the Diovan to at least 80mg. ... (4 replies)
... This is the abstract from the CLAIM studies in 2000. ... (7 replies)

Oct 30, 2007
... with Diovan 80mg? ... (0 replies)
... Hi Moxie75, I believe the pharm. companies were very aware of the negative results discovered by these new meds. but they covered it up. The negative results are beginning to appear close to the time when these pills can be offered as generics. (Approx 11 years and 8 billion dollars later) We now discover they do not always help us, or for that matter may cause more harm... (9 replies)
... has anyone every done any studies on whether it is safe to increase cardio workout when on bp meds? ... (7 replies)
... "I sure hope that we don't wake up one day and find out it is actually caused by oxygen or water or allergies." interesting thought. I have suspected that allergies might play a role in hbp. Whenever I have a 'spell' of hbp, I seem to also be having a particularly bad spell of allergies as well. (110 replies)
... ences between blacks and whites in those studies. I am hispanic, so maybe I'll average the two and hope for a break. I'll pay more attention to the sampling in studies from now on. ... (110 replies)
... is judged successful treatment. Wouldn't it be nice if our doctors actually READ these studies instead of getting all their info from drug companies' one page glossies? ... (110 replies)
... magnesium test is a better indicator of magnesium levels. But not all laboratories do this particular test, and many doctors are unfamiliar with it. Studies have shown that there are no blood tests that are sensitive enough to accurately diagnose magnesium deficiencies. ... (139 replies)
... Well, obviously magnesium isn't going to help everyone's anxiety problem, but I'll bet there are many people out there who have a magnesium deficiency and don't know it. I eat a LOT of fruits and vegetables, so get more dietary magnesium than the RDA, but I still have the problem. I apparently don't absorb it well. For the past several years I've been taking 250 mg.... (139 replies)
... There have been many studies that confirm that people with periodontal disease are at a greater risk of systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. ... (110 replies)
... My husband started on Cozaar ( the same class as Diovan) 50 mgs, after being on that for a couple of months, he began to feel lighted headed and his BP was quite low. He cut the dose to 25 and is maintaining a good BP. Perhaps, your body just needs a bit of a boost for the time being and then you may be able to lower the dose again. My husband has also lost weight and uses... (8 replies)
... Hi, been at 160, got me down to the 130-140 over 78-90 range. Doc wants it lower so I'm on 320 once a day (just started). He said that dosage is fairly common for men and I would prefer not to mess with the diarectic. I'm 40, fairly fit otherwise, just picked up some bad genes from dad. (8 replies)
... along soon to assure you that there is the benefit of heightened longevity and reduced health problems with a BP that is maintained at ideal levels. I am taking Diovan 160 mgs twice a day. Are you taking a larger dose? ... (8 replies)
... I need some mo here-dr has me on higher dose of diovan to drop the numbers to a more ideal place-is there any research that looks at longevity rates of people with treated bp vs those natural non-hypertension (normal blood pressure without drugs)? I guess I'm wondering whether the drugs substantially increase longevity rates on average. Thanks (8 replies)
... Sunny, P.S. Are you on hormone replacement therapy by by chance? If so, there are indications that HRT lowers blood pressure (compared with placebo) over time in post-menopausal women. The average reduction is systolic pressure is 7% and the reduction of diastolic pressure is 16% in some studies. In women who already have hypertension when menopause starts, same... (6 replies)
... Sunny, No tears allowed, sweetie! There's an answer for you out there...You are SO not alone in this trial and error thing w/BP meds. Took me a year to find my solution. When you speak to your doctor, discuss first whether dosing twice a day (AM and PM) is a possibilty, staying on these same two drugs. In all my research, however, I've read some great things about... (17 replies)
... onset diabetes. Other studies have also reported protection against kidney disease even in people with normal blood pressure, making them particularly beneficial for people with diabetes. ... (5 replies)
... is an angiotensin 11 receptor blocker and is known to be a drug with WAY fewer side effects than the above.But again, if one can tolerate diuretics, like Maxide, studies show they are a great boon to medicine for the control of hypertension, and are often the first drug of choice. ... (13 replies)

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