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... About 6 months ago I went to the Dr. about this weird feeling I get sometimes. It's very hard to explain, he asked if I felt light-headed and I said no, more like dizzy. The more I think about it though, the more I realize,maybe I do feel light-headed. A couple times I felt like I would pass out, and I was slightly naseaous once, and I just feel weird. I feel kinda... (34 replies)
... About 6 months ago I went to the Dr. about this weird feeling I get sometimes. It's very hard to explain, he asked if I felt light-headed and I said no, more like dizzy...... Hi Fuz I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about how you said how you were feeling. I have had the same symptoms for over 8 years and cannot find the cause or a treatment, I have been to... (0 replies)
... slight dizziness feeling. It has happened for the last 11 months and no doctor can pinpoint it. I feel lightheaded and fuzzy in my head, and it comes and goes. There is no reason for it to start, ie. it can be morning, afternoon or middle of the day and lasts a few hours. ... (34 replies)

... Hi guys! I've been having that fuzzy head feeling for about a year now. It usually happens when I get up from setting or laying down. ... (34 replies)
... Same for me....I particularly like the "fuzzy" description. This is precisely the feeling, hard to descrbe otherwise unless you have had it. For me it happens when the meds are really working....I'll have a day or a few days when I bottom out at around 100 - 110 over 65 - 75 or so. That does it for me Dr told me unless I am passing out, I shouldnt worry unless it continues... (9 replies)
... Zuzu: your comments are wonderful, you've been so helpful Willsmom: (34 replies)
... or a month. I have been gettinf frightened lately becuase they have been coming very suddenly in the last few weeks. Sometimes I would feel myself get a little fuzzy and I had the feeling it might get worse, sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't. Lately though it has realy caught me off guard. ... (34 replies)
... you said, of getting anxious becuase I feel like I am going to pass out and then it snowballs. When I feel fuzzy I start to panic, but when I try to calm myself down I have to think about it and then I realize its not going away. ... (34 replies)
...] Hello My name is Dennis. I stumbled across this thread. I have been experiencing simmilar symptoms to those described here. (Unsteady, Sensations of imbalance, feel terrible almost all the time, tired , nerves are raw and the mostly the strange feelings when coming to stop in a car or sitting at a red light.... (9 replies)
...] @ zuzu8 - I've been having these same symptoms for two years now. I also palpitate 24x7 because I always panic when i'm about to sort of collapse. What kind of therapist did you go to? Psychologist or Psychiatrist? thanks (0 replies)
...] Hi zuzu8 and willsmom, I've been having those symptoms you posted here for almost 2 years now. zuzu8 what kind of therapist did you go to? Was it a psychologist or psychiatrist? Willsmom, in your last post you said you were about to meet the neuro, what were the results? Are you well now? (0 replies)
... Sometimes worse than having these feelings is trying to explain them to a Dr... Dr- So, Mr/Mrs Patient, what seems to be going on today? (Looking at your medical file while actually thinking about the dog needing to go to the groomer) Patient- It is hard to explain... it is like I am packed in cotton, like I am standing beside myself watching things happen. I feel like... (9 replies)
... I have some of the same symptoms and I am not sure where to turn. I have been to my PCP many times and he really has been little help. My blood tests have all been normal, my blood pressure is controlled, heart tests all okay, lungs okay and Doc says I don't have sinus infection. I went to an allergist and he says I don't have allergy or asthma. From time to time I feel... (9 replies)
... Must be a common problem. I suffer from the same things just describe mine as the entire world is standing at point A and I'm standing a quarter of an inch to the left:dizzy: . Have spent the majority of mature life in this position so I mostly have learned to live with it. My blood pressure is controlled, my potassium leans towards the low and I have to get it jump started... (9 replies)
... I had similar symptoms as well ( dizziness, slight imbalance, lightheaded). I have seen many doctors (eye specialist, TMJ, MRI tests, ENT, Audiologist Otolaryngologist...) no clear answer to the rootcause However, after 7 mths or so, the symptoms started to go away and gradually getting I am almost back to normal.. So there is hope and be patient -- it will go... (9 replies)
... No heart rate increase when standing up. I have had my blood (Full Panel) checked 3times and my blood pressure is always around 120/80 which is fine also. No vertigo just a nervousness that seems to feed the unsteadiness. And a fatigue that is hard to describe. (9 replies)
... I have the same symptoms every single day.. sometimes I have to grab on to walls to stabilize me... I was diagnosed with menieres disease and Posterior orthostatic tachycardia syndrome too where my blood pressure tends to be 90/58 on average...... does your heart rate go up when you stand? (9 replies)
... I agree. I would have a series of blood tests done to make sure everything is ok. I live a similar life, feeling like I'm walking through a swimming pool on a daily basis, and doctors have ruled out everything, its sickening! Last Thursday, I was at the dentist and they took my blood pressure, which was 95 / 56 and it suddenly dawned on me, could it possibly be from low blood... (9 replies)
... I can relate to your symptoms here. I finally found a great Internal/Anti-Aging doctor who has dx me with high BP, adrenal fatigue and low testosterone. Get all these checked. I was having the same symptoms. Go to the World Health Network and find a good anti-aging doctor in your area. Its been 3 weeks since being tx and feel TONS better!! (9 replies)
... What is 'Neurocardiogenic syncope'? Sounds like something to do with the brain and the heart. Sun-moon. (34 replies)

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