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... was accompanied by a pulse of 68, 7 points below my average pulse. ... (4 replies)
... I find just a little piece of either of those, helps. When I have high pulse readings over 100 I put my wrists under cold water and that definitely brings down the pulse. maybe the blood pressure too. Why don't you try that. ... (2 replies)
... It could be that your high bp is associated with the "white coat syndrome" where it is higher at the doctors office. Several readings over a period of time will give you an idea of your actual bp. You should also be relaxed prior to taking your bp so that you get an acurate reading. ... (5 replies)

... I know i have to try this though and give it a chance, i'm just worried like with other meds i'm trying it for nothing, plus i'm worried about the side effect of high BP, but i read that should only happen at high doses. I feel warm again. I go back to my neprhrologist the 26th to get my results and see whats up. ... (86 replies)
... Well, you appear to have white coat. But, I suspect that you may actually have hypertenstion as well. While your morning readings might be fine. If they are going up from there throughout the day, I'd have to say you have hypertension. You should take an average of these home readings. ... (16 replies)
... e if it goes down. so right away i was worried about it, and everytime i went to get my BP tested i would get nervous and the BP was high, sometimes very high. pulse rate was always very high. ... (4 replies)
... I have been puzzled by something. In the 6 months I've been taking home BP measurements, the pulse reading on my Omron machine is always high, regardless of what the BP reading is. ... (21 replies)
... My resting pulse rate was in the 50's before. ... (3 replies)
... I attribute those high readings to being violently awaken by my lovely 10 month old son. No biggie I believe. ... (0 replies)
... even while on Atenolol, it averages around 90 bpm. My doctor chalked it up to anxiety. But all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my pulse has plummeted from its usual 90 bmp down to 60 bpm. ... (3 replies)
... headed, BUT my pulse NEVER slows down. ... (8 replies)
... over a few weeks, than you need to get with your doc for more info. Pulse usually runs with blood pressure, but can run higher due to stress as well as BP, under 100 is OK. ... (1 replies)
... It could be the machine is simply screwed up I suppose. Which of course calls all my BP readings into question now. ... (21 replies)
... I'm curious what your heart rate is like typically. Is it ever slow like you expect from someone who is athletic and in shape? I went through the same sort of situation when I was in my early 20's. Very high blood pressure (160/105 sometimes), anxiety, and fast heart rate. I have always been in good physical shape and athletic, however, my heart rate back then was never... (6 replies)
... I have been having a problem with high blood pressure for about six months. I am a 20 year old male who is in great physical condition. I play college basketball. ... (12 replies)
... st, I am not in denial. And I know that this is not "white coat hypertension." I did go to the doctor to get my blood pressure tested, and I went because my HOME readings were high. The readings in the doctor's office were exactly the same as the ones at home. ... (6 replies)
... Invest in a home digital BP tester and take readings comfortably relaxed in an easy chair. Test often and over a monthe get a good handle on what your AVERAGE, RELAXED BP is. ... (1 replies)
... Like is it normal for it to go up that high, regardless if the person has high BP if they been drinking alcohol? ... (86 replies)
... Amen Brutus. I hate that I have to take medicine for anything. Mines not due to a weight problem, so don't blame it all on that. My entire family has high blood pressure. ... (3 replies)
Pulse Readings
Feb 16, 2008
... I am concerned that I am having trouble with blood pressure so I bought a monitor. It gives pulse rates. My pulse is always in the high 80's. Is this of concern? ... (1 replies)

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