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... Hawthorn on my research is actually in lower catagory of lowering blood pressure, garlic and these other suppliments according to this research may help in keeping your blood pressure lower. ... (63 replies)
... Normally in my case if my blood pressure goes up a bit after bike riding it goes down within 20 minutes to normal, but not at the doctors. ... (63 replies)
... I have high blood pressure but the medications they are giving me are keeping it normal. ... (63 replies)

... What stuff is that exactly? (63 replies)
... :confused: :confused: I went to the health food store and there were 150 mg. and 375mg hawthorne capsules. What strength. They smaller mg. dose said to take one once a day and the larger said to take 2-3 day. I'm confused. What dose do you take? I am a small one....98lbs. Also tell me how much celery seed extract. The store didn't have this but I will try another place.... (63 replies)
... If you guys dont already know, you should buy these supplements for lowering blood pressure. Hawthorne Berry and Celery Seed Extract. They work WONDERS and they work pretty fast. ... (63 replies)
... I could research supliments that deal in ligheheadidness if you like and tell you those vitamins that deal with that If so just ask here I'll checj yo in those. ... (63 replies)
... more in some people than others. ... (63 replies)
... Numbers under 140 for top 1 is considered in most cases more or less normal I do not suggest worrying about that too much. ... (63 replies)
... Potassium is an essential mineral needed to regulate water balance, levels of acidity, blood pressure, and neuromuscular function. This mineral also plays a critical role in the transmission of electrical impulses in the heart. ... (63 replies)
... effects. the person I have been trying with these 2 herbs has had positive reduced blood pressure from those 2 you might try those. ... (63 replies)
... Care to post some evidence? (63 replies)
... The DASH diet works! If it doesn't get you off of drugs, it may make it possible to take lower doses of drugs. Your doctor should be willing to work with you on diet. ... (63 replies)
... sodium, I can guarantee your pressure will drop like a stone. The downside is that whatever you eat will taste like wet cardboard. ... (63 replies)
... You can reduce your blood pressure dramatically within two weeks and you can do it naturally without the use of supplements (FYI, supplements are not natural). Two studies done by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) show that blood pressure can be lowered by following the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan—and by eating less salt,... (63 replies)
... Based on the info I have found on these suppliments there is actual clinical studies that they help reduce blood pressure and cardiascualr heart issues in some of them. ... (63 replies)
... definatly affects blood pressure I recently had to goto hospital pulse was stuck at 110 or higher but went down after getting iv there. ... (63 replies)
... oil. I am not aware of any high salt content in fish. ... (63 replies)
... Good deal. Just remember some food products alone may potentially raise blood pressure. Caffene, Alcahol, Salt, Chocolate, several others I cannot think of at moment. ... (63 replies)
... so using these over a long period of time may not only help fix your stomach, they may also help reduce those key items in your bloodstream BEFORE they become a problem. ... (63 replies)

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