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RespARate machine
Mar 27, 2008
... I've been seeing ads for a RespARate machine -- like biofeedback to teach you to breathe deeply, which lowers your blood pressure. I'm interested in trying it. Have any of you had experience with this machine? Thanks! (4 replies)
... Dear fellow searchers, I've found some internet info regarding Resparate, a machine which helps to slow respirations and reduce BP. They have an 800 # and I was wondering if anyone has tried this. Their site clams they are FDA approved and I wonder if this is something that can help to lower BP's and perhaps require less of the medication. Has anyone done any research... (4 replies)
... and I've been playing around with that while using the Resparate device. ... (29 replies)

Nov 12, 2007
... Resparate gave me an increase in b/p plus moderate heart palpitations which is not usual for me. The company refunded my money except for the postage. A Dr. called asked about my experience with Resparate. She said some people do get heart palpitations while using Resparte. I found the music with the machine very depressing & dreary. I didn't have any trouble getting into... (20 replies)
... The Resparate sure seems pricey!! Wish insurance covered it. ... (15 replies)
... How's the music with your Resparate? I'm wondering if it has changed since I bought one. Fam (19 replies)
Felodipine onset
Nov 25, 2008
... Resparate increased my b/p & caused heart palpitations. The company says this happens in some people. I believe it was because the music was so disconcerting for me-like of dreary & sad. My money was refunded except for the shipping charges. The b/p expert that I saw from Vanderbilt had me take my b/p when I first got up after going to the bathroom -then before meals &... (5 replies)
RespARate machine
Mar 31, 2008
... Thanks for the reply Fam. I always forget that I can search Healthboards for older posts - which I finally did for this topic and found great information on the resperate machine as well as the breatheasy cd's which a couple poeple tried and liked. I think I'll go with the cd's -- they're cheaper and everyone seemed to like the music better. Thanks for your help! (4 replies)
RespARate machine
Mar 31, 2008
... I bought the machine too, but I got heart palpitations & increased b/p. It did slow my breathing. I think the music just stressed me out because it was so dreary. My money was refunded but I had to pay shipping. The company called to find out why I returned it. The rep. said that some people do have the same experience that I had. I think the rep was a Dr. but I can't... (4 replies)
RespARate machine
Mar 30, 2008
... Thanks, Tamu, that's good to know. What kind of tests do you recommend before investing in one of these machines? (4 replies)
RespARate machine
Mar 30, 2008
... I have this machine, but I confess have only used it once. I am just so damn busy that even 20 minutes in the evening seems like a lot. But let me say that I believe this machine to be effective in most people who use it. It is one of those treatments like DASH that more and more doctors are recommending. The machine is expensive, to be sure. But honestly I think it works.... (4 replies)
Nov 12, 2007
... Ok sorry, what was the effect of both on your blood pressure? Michael (20 replies)
Nov 12, 2007
... It's not biofeedback. I've tried biofeedback & Resparate. Good luck. Fam (20 replies)
... Linda, May I ask what type of music Breatheasy has? I tried resparate & the music was so depressing. The breathing exercise was great. Plus I got heart palpitations-probably from the music :). Perhaps the music is better. Breatheasy might be something to try when one gets a "cuff anxiety attack." Fam (10 replies)
... Tried Resparate. All I got was palpitations & a higher b/p but I still think it has potential for others. I hated the music that came with it-depressing. My breathing got in sync right away & I was very motivated to stop taking meds & seeing DR's but it just did not work for me. My money was refunded except for postage. The rep for the company admitted that my experience... (14 replies)
May 16, 2007
... I tried it & got right into the breathing pattern. But it gave me heart palpitations & increased my b/p. It is worth a try. BTW I'm not prone to HP & have a lot of experience using breathing techniques during childbirth & for dental stuff. I really disliked the music with the Resparate. It is worth a try so don't let my bad experience influence you. My money was refunded... (1 replies)
Breathing exercise
May 15, 2007
... Thanks for the imput, I'll have to think about all you guys said. I tried Resparate. I had no trouble getting the breathing in sync but I got heart palpitations if you can believe that. I'm not prone to HP. The music with the program was just so depressing. I used Lamaze breathing for all five of my kids & it worked great as I didn't have to have any meds even for my 10.5... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the info Bethsheba. Regarding lifestyle changes, that is where I am frustrated. I have always done the "right things" to prevent high blood pressure and I don't know how much moreI can do. I have always exercised (do aerobic/cardio 45min-hr, 5 days/wk, 2 days of weights). I am 5'5" and 1201bs. Have always followed a low-sodium, mostly vegetarian diet, lots of... (6 replies)
... I did some more research and I have ordered a serenity CD on-line that is supposed to condition slow respirations. It uses a chime for the time when you take an inspiration and another chime when it's time for expiration. This CD is used alot in stress management groups, massage therapist rooms and for tai chi. This is a much more cost effective way for me to try this method.... (4 replies)
... Thank you, Jay and Zuzu. I searched and read the former posts. I just wish the item were less expensive. It does sound like it could help and not harm. I've used meditation in the past and also dabbled in yoga. This may be a more specific means of slowing done respirations. I'll post and see if musicmaker has any more info to share on the "toy." I think musicmaker was... (4 replies)

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