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... THe doctor put me on 60mg on propranolol er a week ago. The med. is so hard on me I cant keep taking it. I've only taken five of them and have already been to the ER, for chest pain. ... (4 replies)
... as well as my mild hypertension. I took 20mg of propranolol twice daily, which according to a lot of people is a really low dose. ... (11 replies)
... search and wanted to reply. I've been on Propranolol for two years fpr anxiety, and have never taken more than 30mg at once. I've been on 10mg x 3 daily for about a month. ... (1 replies)

... Hi all. I was wondering if any of you have had similar experiences to mine in terms of propranolol (Inderal) withdrawal. Today is my second day off propranolols (previously twice daily; 20 mg each dose). I am slightly hypertensive (untreated BP of 120/90s). I was started off on 20mg propranolols twice daily (with Xanax 0.5mg twice daily - for anxiety, and Valium 5mg once... (31 replies)
... Thanks again for more information :) Now I wonder if Coreg is needed to taper down as well as atenolol and metoprolol. I've been on atenolol before and can attest to its withdrawal affects. I see on some drug sites that Carvedilol/Coreg is an alpha/beta blocker, but others do not. I wonder which it really is? It seems pretty strong. Hi beth! Great to see you're back on... (12 replies)
... The reasoning behind stopping the medication is that if the patients are stable enough to undergo the test, they should be able to tolerate short periods of beta blocker withdrawal. ... (12 replies)
... hi been on 80mg propranolol slow release for 2 months now daily to relax me more than anything and get my BP down as it was only slightly raised due to feeling worked up all the time I feel its time to stop them now as things are better and 1 they make you put on weight 2 I feel like Im wearing a cap on my head (2 replies)
... Thank you all so much for your help! I did call the doctor after hours and was instructed to go to the ER! I couldnt believe it! I was toxic from the drug! I was overdosed! They "assumed" the palpataions were worse than they really were, So now I am takin 10mg twice a day, am now wondering if I might be able to "ween" myself off it altogether, since the doctor said I... (4 replies)
... Personally, I wouldn't take it for occasional palpitations. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. There are other beta blockers he can give you for when they are bad. I, too, have palpitations and choose to just deal with them. Actually, my palpitations have been a lot better lately. hmmmm. At any rate, I was given the option of taking beta blockers for when... (4 replies)
... You should NOT cut the capsule in half. My drug book says the capsule is extended release. You might end getting too much drug at once. On the other hand, it can be dangerous to suddenly stop the drug because of the withdrawal. You need a Dr. to prescribe a lower dose perhaps in a pill form so that you can gradually decrease the dose. My husband took a similar drug... (4 replies)
... Who prescribed the medication for you - was it a cardiologist or a family physician? Do you know what your normal heart rate (when not taking the drug) is? What was it when you went to ER? Sorry about the questions. Bottom line: what really matters is how bad your palpitations are and what is thought to be causing them. Is the beta blocker really necessary? Palpitations are... (4 replies)
... and was severe. I was given nothing to relieve it. In addition to the tachycardia you mentioned, I also experienced palpitations and chest pain for a time after stopping this medication. Your blood pressure is most certainly high due to your present withdrawal symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... Three months into stopping the propranolol, my heart rate has come down, although not as much as I would have liked, to around 84, and the low 70s in the evening before bedtime. ... (2 replies)
... because propranolol cessation may result in increased heart rates, and Plendil has also been known to increase heart rates for some patients! ... (31 replies)
... it's only during the times of anxiety when it spikes right through the anxiety. Which is why i think i should been told to take the propranolol as needed, BEFORE anxious situations. ... (20 replies)
... I took propranolol for about 3 years. ... (15 replies)
... I took propranolol for about 3 years. ... (15 replies)
... Patrick, I've been on and off Corgard (nadolol), Inderal (propranolol), and atenolol. The worst rebound on stopping was the atenolol and I did it over a week (using propranolol to ween) but I'd only taken it (50mg) for a month. Some people take MUCH MUCH longer to get off this stuff. Strangely the much stronger nadolol with a three day half life had no noticeable effects... (11 replies)
... I take small doses of propranolol now with maybe a week off every month. This of course is NOT doctor approved, but then I'm always taking something else. ... (8 replies)
... disappointing really since I had been very carefully watching my diet, exercising, stopping smoking, stopping alcohol. The cholestorol numbers were totally skewed by sky high triglyceride leves, for which I thank my dear Dad for! ... (5 replies)

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