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Generic toprol
Mar 14, 2008
... ad the same thing happen to me. Recently my blood pressure went high again. The dr told me to take another 25mg of toprol. I found an old prescription of 25mg of toprol ex and its seems to be ok now. I don't know if the generic brand isn't working or not. ... (5 replies)
... I have been on Toprol xl for at least 10 years now. ... (5 replies)
Toprol XL Question
Oct 12, 2004
... and it was horrible. And we are not alone, there are many threads on this board alone that complains about toprol xl, not to mention other boards i've posted to. I have taken many bp pills and toprol is the all time worst of the lot. ... (13 replies)

... Hi Jhvh1, All beta blockers (TOPROL included) work on reducing (slowing) the heart rate. Over time the relaxing effect on the system becomes permanent. Beta blockers work on something known as Beta receptors which trigger adrenalin. The system becomes use to this calming effect, which in turn lowers blood pressure. If you stop taking your med. suddenly, after a few days... (4 replies)
... or sometimes by the actual drug company who makes the brand. The price may be a little higher, but at least you can feel more confident taking your meds. For ex. TOPROL is manufactured by Astra Zeneca, but the generic METOPROLOL XL is manufactured by PAR pharmaceuticals. ... (10 replies)
... which occurred with almost all generic versions of Metoprolol and Toprol XL. ... (20 replies)
... will only pay for generic drugs. Both my parents take TOPROL among other drugs. ... (22 replies)
... user support group. Imagine with all these posts my Dr. saying she never heard of Toprol causing anxiety. I feel like I should make her a print out of some of these posts. I feel like I am my own Dr at times. ... (21 replies)
... Mabent, BYSTOLIC is a brand name drug for at least the next 15 years. Nebivolol is the propietary active ingredients. The manufacturer has too much to lose if they start messing around with the active ingredient. Pills begin to screw up when they go generic. This is because numerous companies begin to manufacture the same pill for cost savings. In theory, this is good... (22 replies)
... JTU, Sorry to hear about the Norvasc. It does work for me but don't you give up. Keep searching. I thought I would never find the right combo. Good luck to you. P.S. I really don't want to be one of those preaching ex-smokers, but you may help to lower your BP by trying again to stop smoking. (10 replies)
... After taking different HBP medications for a number of years (with different side-effects), I think it has become more necessary these days to take our medications more cautiously. We should be aware of the type of pills we are taking and all known research trials for the particular pill(s). My uncle always told me "With High blood pressure, you need to be your own doctor". I... (5 replies)
... But, maybe it isn't working for you, or as in my case, maybe it is raising your blood pressure. Maybe as an experiment you might want to cut down to 50 mg of Toprol one or two days and see what happens. Monitor your bp when you try this. If it gets worse, you can always go back up to 75. ... (4 replies)
... was the all time WORST i have ever taken. My ex gp refused to take me off of it so i did it myself. DON'T STOP THIS MED WITHOUT WEANING. ... (4 replies)
... Heart meds change the way that certain organs and glands function. It can take weeks to months, for that organ(s) or gland(s), to totally restore function, after a reduction or increase in one's medicine. So...... early results and subsequent results may differ quite a bit. When I adjust my meds, I'll usually make the change, and then keep it that way for at least three... (12 replies)
... however, i cut the pill in half. I also went back to the toprol xl 100mg and quartered it. I had to stop toprol tho after 2 dosages ..back pain. ... (12 replies)
... another beta blocker can be done after 24 hours, according to doctors. This happens very often. For ex. Last year Generic Metoprolol was recalled by the FDA and TOPROL had a shortage of pills. Patients were switched immediately to Coreg, Atenolol or any other beta blocker. ... (67 replies)
... The TOPROL XL pills are scored, this makes them very convenient to split very evenly. ... (28 replies)
... Hi Flowergirl, Being I had prescriptions from several beta-blockers, my doctor gave me the OK to see which one I feel better taking. ( As long as they are were in the same beta-blocker class, which is BETA1.) He was not to keen on COREG, he believes COREG is excellent, mainly for heart failure. I have prescriptions for BETAXOLOL (Kerlone), BISOPROLOL (Zebeta), NEBIVOLOL... (42 replies)

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