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Blood pressure
Sep 21, 2020
... my diastolic averaged at least 100! I was scared out of my mind! I tried every different kind of blood pressure medication available and nothing worked! ... (2 replies)
... Then take your own regular readings at home. This will give you a much better idea if you really do have low diastolic readings. ... (1 replies)
... It is very important to find out your RESTING blood pressure... ... (4 replies)

... balance' somehow related to 'low' diastolic pressure? ... (10 replies)
... I've had low lows on occassion with both numbers being low, and these scare me to no end. This happened always at night. ... (4 replies)
... Low Diastolic is also possibly if you are pregnant, but, being male, I don't think that you are worried about this being the case. ... (2 replies)
... you can't go by me as my hypertension is resistant, unpredictable and plain crazy at times. I've been on all of the meds and just very recently had to discontinue the CCB again, for reasons I won't go into. ... (12 replies)
... carb almost ten years ago. I lost almost 50 lbs. and have kept most of it off. Before that, I never had low diastolic readings. ... (6 replies)
... why would systolic be very high, and diastolic very low why? ... (1 replies)
... I have been expiriencing very low Systolic & Diastolic readings 100-110/55-60 with a haerth rate of 40 feeling kind of wobly and like in limbo. This has been with me for about 3weeks, I had quadrupple bypass in 1995, no tests since. Please give somw advice as to action to be taken, colesterol level is around 155. Thank you. Eggimann (4 replies)
... Arterial stiffness. In people over 50, this is THE major cause of high systolic, low diastolic BP. It is especially common in people over 60. ... (1 replies)
... I am an extreme example, but...... when my blood pressure goes down very low, which is quite often, the first thing I check is my pulse. ... (10 replies)
... tively, the biggest side effect of bisolol is fatigue. It can also raise your potassium levels, which can cause serious side effects such as muscle weakness or a very slow heartbeat. When is the last time you had a blood panel done to check your potassium levels? ... (4 replies)
... to share my experience from a few days ago in hopes that someone may give me an answer to this puzzling health issue I have. To start off with, I have always had low blood pressure. ... (2 replies)
... thanks flowergirl, Ive been on atenolol for about 10 years now and have been mostly under control with my bp until this hyperthyroid came along and then it went wacko mostly high spikes and such. This very low diastolic really threw me with 150/52 being really unusual. It only happened this one time that I know of, but I am really worried about it. Im hoping that it was... (4 replies)
... heart rate which sounds too low for fat burning. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, Do you take your meds? I take the same ones. Just a quick note. Beta blockers usually affect our exercise tolerance due to decreased cardiac output. I did a lot of research on this as I had severe problems with my breathing and sometimes experienced chest pain when exercising. There were no clear cut instructions from the doctors, other than that one MUST do cardio... (8 replies)
... Hi flowergirl, Actually, I have seen my dr today. He was very clear that I SHOULD do weight training :D, I told you he's a good understanding doctor ;). I told him that I never go heavy because I have a dislocated shoulder, I told him I will never go beyond 65 pounds. He said that's fine. Tonight, after I came back and took my 5mg of Norvasc I started to do shoulder and... (8 replies)
... ed to do is pay attention. I went to the ER several times at the request of my doctor, and other times when my out of control blood pressure caused me to become very ill. When unsure, people should go to the ER. ... (8 replies)
... I am a 28 year old body builder that has a heart condition. Only 28% of my heart was actually functioning when I went into the doctor for a swollen ankle in a year and a half ago. I managed to get that up to a very close to normal 58%. I truely believe that bodybuilding saved my life and helped me to recover. This seems to be a genetic problem in my family since all the... (4 replies)

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