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GENERAL BOARD USE: Before you contact Admin, please always read the FAQ and the sticky posts on the board of choice and the Registration/Membership/Site Problems Message Board.
The Administrator's email address is listed below, and in a sticky post on the Registration Board; use that email address for any board use issue not found in the Terms of Service in the FAQ or on the Registration board. You will get a reply at the earliest possible convenience. Email one time and wait your turn for a reply.


There are features of the vBulletin program that may be On or Off according to the rules and policies of this website. When a feature is not accessible to you, please refer to the Posting Policies and sticky posts on the Registration board.

Use of this website requires that you register an anonymous username. Usernames and passwords from other websites do not work on this website.

Read the FAQ first. Requests that are not within the rules will be denied. Administrator will review email requests and make the final decision.

When you email always email from your registered address and include your exact username. If suspended, include the listed ban reason. You must deal with why you lost access. Do not email moderators unless directed to do so by Administrator. Moderators will forward those emails back to the Administrator.

How to use Blogs:

All Posting Policies apply to Blog use.

Click on My Settings to set your Blog preferences.
At the lower left corner of the Message Board page click on the word 'Blogs'.
Click on 'Post a Blog' which will open the agreement to join the Blogger Usergroup.

The BLOG feature is only available to established members. Blogging becomes available after member status advances beyond Newbie status. (Read the sticky posts on the Registration Board to learn about member status).

CLICK HERE to read about THREADS and POSTS.

REGISTRATION: access to start your own New Thread on a Board or to reply to posts requires registration.

(Again, Blogs and Boards have different purposes.)

Registrations may be edited or suspended when - a username is disallowed, a post message is deemed inappropriate or off-topic, multiple registrations, or due to any use that is against the Terms of Service or Posting Policy.

Usernames that are not within the rules or are deemed to be inappropriate may be changed, deleted, or suspended without notice. Registration error messages mean that the registration was not done correctly. Follow the instructions below, exactly.

To REGISTER, click on Sign Up - Enter a unique username and a working private email address for confidential use . Do not use a public, school or business username or email address. The registration is confirmed by email - After Registration, automatically an Activation / Confirmation email with a link will be sent. To activate your membership click on the link in the confirmation email one time, before it expires. (The code number is not a link.) AFTER you are registered, gain access to use the site by clicking on Login to login your username and password. Click Remember Me.

If you do not get the Confirmation / Activation email, possibly either your spam control did not let it through to you, or you did not register a working email address. To get HB emails, you must register a current, working email address. Your internet provider spam control must allow emails from You may need to call your internet provider to learn how to assure you can get emails from this website and request that be white-listed. After you have done so, please email Admin to request that the Confirmation email be resent.

Note that the username you choose may already be taken. You may try unusual spellings or add letters or numbers. Also, some words are censored; if you use a censored word for a username the registration will not go through. Try a different username.

Do not register a surname or put identifying info in your profile or signature: Your username, profile, signature and messages must not identify you to readers or contain any part of your email address, blog or website.

Do not register or post your past, current or future health topic profession in any manner. The boards are to be used for PATIENT opinions, only. Professional titles lend undue weight to what is to be only your opinion. Health profession titles are not allowed.

Do not register or post a public figure name, name of a business, product, or website.

Do not register or post words that appear to be obscene, evil, sexual, or offensive.

To request a one time username change: email your CURRENT username and registered email address with three possible usernames in order of preference to Administrator. A username change will affect all of your own previous posts, but will not alter your old username from other members' posts. The username may be changed to protect your privacy by following directions for a username change. Up to ten posts may be removed if the posts do not interact on other member's threads.

To login, make sure that the box is checked that says "Remember me". If you don't, when you access another healthboards page, such as when you click submit, you will be automatically logged off the website. If that box was unchecked, then whatever you tried to post is gone for good.

To request change of Location or other profile info: email your username, registered email address and the pertinent info with your request to Adminsitrator (address above)

The username may be changed to protect your privacy by following directions for a username change. Up to ten posts may be removed if the posts do not interact on other member's threads.

Private Messaging (PM): To enable PM click on "MY Settings". Under Settings & Options, click on Edit Options and set your choices.

Do not post to request PM from members. This is considered to be advertising.

PM the member yourself and if your PM is accepted by the member, then ask the member's permission before sending him or her any product or service information. Otherwise the member may report your message as spam, and your membership will be terminated.

MY SETTINGS: To make changes to thread subscriptions or change your password, email address, time zone, signature , Blog settings, or other options, login and click on "My Settings" at the top of the board list page. It is the member's responsibility to keep your registered email address current.


When you create a new post, by default you will receive a daily email digest of the replies that were made to that message (i.e., you are subscribed to the thread). If you would like to turn off this default subscription feature, login then click on My Settings, then click on "Edit Options" and change "Default Thread Subscription Mode" to "Do not subscribe".

You may subscribe to any discussion thread to get email notifications in regard to new replies. Simply go to any message, click on "Thread Tools" in the upper right of the message, and select "Subscribe to this Thread". When there is a new reply an email notice with a link to the subscribed thread will be emailed to you.

To locate your posts: New posts will move your posts down the list. One way to find your posts is to click Advanced Search and do a search on your own username. If you replied to a thread that was deleted for any reason, your posts will have been deleted as part of that thread. They cannot be retrieved.

If a sticky post on a board says the board is "Moderated", it means all posts on that board must be preapproved before they will show on the boards. In that case, you can expect posting delays, as moderators are not online all of the time. Necessary editing may be done before the post is approved. Read the board sticky posts to see if a board is Moderated.

To open the Board Topic List: On the Homepage, there is a tab called Message Boards. Use that tab to open to the message boards. Check the list to find and use the board that most closely relates to your health issue. Do not post a similar message on multiple boards. Read the rules.

To open a board, click on the topic name of the board.

To read a post or thread (a thread is an initial post that has one or more replies), click on the Subject of the post.

To post a New Thread on a board, click on "New Thread", located on the left upper part of the page just above the second horizontal bar or line.

To see your post you may need to reload or refresh the page.

To reply to a post, click on the Subject of the post and click Post Reply located at the top and the bottom left of each posted message. Other reply links are located at the bottom right on each posted message: use Quick Reply, or use Quote Reply if you need to see the message to which you are replying (after typing your message please edit off long quotes as they may slow the server).

Editing: You may edit your own posts if done within a few days by clicking on Edit, found at the bottom right of each posted message.

Deleting: Members may not delete posts. All posts become the property of this website. (DO NOT edit off full messages of your own posts. Instead make a request of the Administrator. Duplicate posts will be removed as seen. To request consideration for post deletion, email with your registered email address and include your username and the exact URL of the page to the Administrator (address above).

If you get an "invalid post" message, it means the post was deleted. Deleted posts can not be retrieved. Please do not email about invalid post messages.

To Report Bad Posts: Click on Report Bad Post found on the left lower corner of all posts to report posts that are against the rules. This will notify all Moderators and the Administrator, one of which will make a decision how to take care of the issue. (DO NOT use Report Post just to communicate with other members or moderators.

Lost or forgotten password: This website does not store passwords. All you can do on the website is reset the password. Your own computer 'remembers' your password with 'cookies', when you click "remember me" or "remember this password" and then login.To reset your password, enter your username to login and click to have an email sent. Write your username and password and keep them in a safe place. Do not depend on your computer or us, to save them for you. Moderators do not have access to your password.

If you do not get the reset password email, possibly either your spam control did not let it through to you, or you do not have a working email address registered. To get our emails, you have to make sure that your profile has a working email address and that your internet provider spam control allows emails from to get through. You may need to call your internet provider to request that be white-listed. Use the new reset password to login.

If you want to change your password to one that you prefer, click on "My Settings" at the top of the board list page.

COOKIES: If your correct username or password do not work, please clear the cookies on your computer. See the Registration Board sticky post that addresses cookie problems.

If you forgot your username do not re-register, email the registered email address and as many identifying details as you can remember, to the Administrator. Include all possible usernames. We cannot help without the info that you registered

Reminder: before you email us or post a question on the Registration Board, make sure to read everything in the FAQ.

Thank you and enjoy the boards!

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