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Help please!
May 5, 2015
Okay so basically the problem is I have been having issues going poop, some weeks I'll go everyday and then other weeks I won't go at all. But let me tell you the back story and what I'm really asking. So about three months ago a whole lot of things happened, I won't go into details but basically I am very stressed, I had to move to a new home with basically a new family. So at first I thought I was just plain constipated but I have realized it is that my sphincter is tense because the poop is ready to come out but my sphincter just won't relax and whenever I do go it's just stringy and small. some days it's not some days it is. I know it's not anything else but stress because whenever I go back home for a visit I go poop very easily. Basically I'm hoping someone has a way I can relax my sphincter. I cannot just wait till I go home I need to figure out how to relax. Plus does any body know how to relieve subconscious stress? I am not consciously stressed I just know in the back of my head I am freaking out.

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