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Hi I am new to this board. I just wanted to share my story. I was born with a birth defect where my rectum was not formed properly and was too close to my vagina. I had reconstruction surgery to fix this problem around 5 days old. I had a bit of problems after with it, but my life was ok. I had my first baby when I was 20 yrs old she was 2 months premature and weighed 6lb3oz I had a vaginal delivery with her and had no complications. I had a lot of miscarriages after and found out that I had endometriosis and after a while I just couldn't get pregnant anymore I just gave up on trying to get pregnant. When my daughter was 8yrs old, we found out that I was pregnant we were so happy but scared, I went into labor at 7 months but the doctor was able to stop it. After that I kept having really bad pain on the right side of my pelvic bone every time I had small contractions, or walked. I was in and out of the hospital I kept telling them I think the baby is stuck on my pelvic bone it felt like it was breaking they, laughed at me and told if baby was stuck I would never feel it, I kept pleading with them to take theb baby out soon because the baby was getting too big but they said a lot of women have big babies I need to stop making a fuss. I went a week and two day pass my due date. And finally they agreed to induce me. I was ready to push 2hrs after they gave me the meds to induce labor. I was able to push the babies head out but the doc and nurses started to panic because the babies shoulder was stuck on my pelvic bone, no matter how much I pushed and the nurses pushed on my stomach my daughter was stuck, the doc tried cutting me and still she was stuck, the doc finally put his hand inside me pulled her shoulder free, my daughter almost died but she was ok just really blue but ok. She was 9lb 3oz for me this is a big baby because I am only 4ft 9 inches I tore bad all the reconstruction done when I was a baby was all torn apart my nurse was shaking and crying she said she had never seen some one tear that bad before, I had a hard time dealing with the pain, but I had to suck it up and be a mom to this gift form God. I started having many accidents, I was just not able to make it to the washroom on time. At my postpartum visite I told my doc and she said it was a easy fix. It took a long time to find a Surgeon that would help me but finally we found one. At the first look at me the surgeon said they never should have let you deliver vaginally. He said my sphincter was damaged and I didn't have much of a pernium left because of the tear. When my daughter was 5 months I had sphincteroplasty with over lapping flap surgery, this surgery had bleeding complications I ended up with a large ano vaginal fistula. I was having stool going into my vagina all the time, I had to get a loop ileostomy surgery done to divert my stool from my rectum. The surgeon tried to fix the fistula with mesh but that failed. After that I had really bad rectal pain the pain is worse when I have mucus discharge or some times my stool bypasses the bag and goes to my rectum so I have small bowel movements it feels like I am being stabbed with knives in my rectum. I had another fistula surgery where they took the muscle from my thighand used it to try and close the fistula, when they harvested that muscle from the thigh they damaged my sensory nerve and I have pain in my leg every day. Before I could find out if my fistula was closed I found out that I was pregnant so I couldn't go under anesthesia to do the scope test. This pregnancy was rough because of the ileostomy and dealing with blockages, and my rectal pain and leg pain increasing the more the baby grew. I had a c section this pregnancy. Because of this pregnancy I ended up with a hernia around my stoma which is painful for some reason the pain around the stoma gets worse when I am on my period, I think it might be because of the endometriosis. Now my son is 3 months, I am going to do my scope test under anesthesia in about tow weeks. If the fistula is not closed my surgeon said he is not sure if more surgery will help it might make the rectal pain worse because of all the scare tissue, but if it's closed I have to make a decision if I want to reverse the ileostomy. I am scared to reverse it because of the rectal pain, if I have severe pain just with mucus discharge and small bowel movements which I still can't control, I can't imagine the pain with a normal bowel movement, my other options is to have a permanent colostomy. I would love to have a life without a ostomy. But I know I can't handle anymore pain. I am lost I don't know which decision to make all I can do is pray about it. I so sorry my story is so long and complicated. I just needed to put my story out there and see if anyone had the same experience and what their outcome was. I would not wish this on anyone but I know that there are people going through worse, I hope and pray I make the best decision and I can have a happy life .

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