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Hi all I've only just joined this site & need some advice. I've just found out today my dad.. Who is 56 years old is having some problems...
He started bleeding passing stools about a year ago, he went to the GP who wasn't concerned.. As it wasn't regular bleeding only now and again..
GP advised if it continued to come back and he would be referred to the hospital.. Bleeding continued and dad went back about 6 months ago...
Awaiting refferel he never got to this day...
2 weeks ago dad started bleeding without going to the toilet.. Blood was just leaking from his back passage.. This went on for 7 days and my mum got him into the GP.. They said he would get an 'urgent' refferel to the hospital.. 7 days later still not letter! Dad has now been bleeding daily without going to the toilet, it's literally leaking from him anything from drops to a cup full of blood!!
He is in denial and will not walk himself into hospital, much to mine and my family's annoyance! Wether he thinks it will stop or not I do not know!
Am worried sick about him & also angry he is being so selfish!! My mum & my sister have both had breast cancer .. My family have been to hell and back and can only assume he won't go to hospital because he don't want to worry any of us anymore..
Little does he know we are all worried sick... And if anything happens to him I shall never forgive him!
What could be causing him to lose so much blood from his bottom... He has been off work 5 days now because it's that bad!

Please don't let him have cancer too ....

From a very worried daughter :(

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