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I'm a 26 year old female with binge-eating disorder, currently in recovery.
For the past year, I've dealt with chronic constipation. I have a bowel movement every 7-10 days. Sometimes I use laxatives, but only once every few months. When I do have a BM, the stool is very soft (but still solid), pasty and grainy, and usually comes out log-shaped, but smaller in size and multiple ones pass. It's usually light/medium brown in color. I almost always have incomplete evacuation as well, and it takes multiple baby wipes and toilet paper wipes to wipe clean. Then, a few hours later, there will still be stool residue when I wipe. Most times the stool has a pretty foul smell. It also leaves marks in the toilet. Sometimes I noticed the stool is covered in mucus as well, but this does not happen every time.
I eat very healthy. Breakfast usually consists of oatmeal made with almond milk or peanut butter on whole grain toast, 2 eggs, and some kind of fruit. I also have a cup of coffee and green tea in the morning. For lunch, I either have a grilled chicken salad, a frozen dinner (usually lean cuisine or Amy's organic meals), or a some tuna (plain), greek yogurt, and dry-roasted edamame. I always have a protein bar for an afternoon snack, usually quest bars. For dinner, I'll do chicken or fish, with either brown rice or quinoa, and a couple of cups of cooked veggies. I'll also cook dishes like turkey spaghetti squash or chicken stir-fry. I drink a gallon of water every day, and I have at least one cup of green tea a day. I take a One-A-Day multivitamin every morning as well as a ginger root and turmeric capsule. Every now and then I struggle with my disorder and I'll binge on junk food for 1-3 days. But it's important to note that the color, texture, smell, and frequency does not change regardless if I've binged or not. All that changes is the amount that I pass. Any help or insight into what might be going on would be greatly appreciated.

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