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I've researched this and can't find an answer. Today I sought help from a colorectal surgeon for what I thought were hemorrhoids. Come to find out I have stage 3 internal hemorrhoids and an anal fissure. He told me that my best bet was to surgically fix both at the same time.

I'm not as worried about the heorrhoid surgery. My main concern is the LIS following Duodenal switch. The reason? DS surgery causes diarrhea and gas. Not a little. BAD! It comes extra smelly too. I have diarrhea between 5 and 8 times a day with smell that permeates the entire house. It's horrific.

I keep reading that LIS has incontinence to gas as a 'common' side effect. What I can't find is how long this lasts and how bad it is? Will I be walking past the people at work and sound like a shotgun going off? Walking farts across the office? Sounds funny, but I'm terrified!

Persistent incontinence is (from what I've read) between 1% and 3%, so I'm praying I just have to worry about the short term.

I also read that incontinence to gas and feces is more common in women with 2+ vaginal births. I fall into that category too.

Can anyone with persistent diarrhea tell me about their LIS? How long did the incontinence to gas last? How long did fecal incontinence last? Was it embarrassing enough that it'd be worth the pain of a fissure?

I realize this sounds childish. I know that, but I work in an office full of men/little boys that would humiliate me if I had this problem.

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