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Kinda embarrassing, but I haven't pooped since 1 week ago. I went to Italy, so yes you could say my eating pattern was different that week. However, when I came back, I felt the need to use the toilet but I ended up crying and almost fainting because the poop was way too big and hard to push out. That was 4 days ago. I have a bad obstipation/ constipation now, I can really even feel the poo when I lay my hand on my belly. I have been to the store to get laxatives which didn't rlly help because it was still too big, it only created more pain. I've tried getting it out but at the point where it's at my anus it hurts so much I have to jump up and push it back. I called the doctor this morning and I got prescribed some kind of drink which is supposed to help it become more watery and soft but, it works just as the laxatives do and I've been in so much pain the last hour I don't even know what to do. I'm taking a bath now because it's the only way to stop the pushing, and I really can't. What should I do? The doctor told me only to return when it hasnt worked till Sunday but the pain is really bad..

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