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Well I met with my surgeon yesterday and I really liked him. He has a lot of experience doing laparoscopic work in the GI system, particularly in the small bowel. I didn't learn too much more about the tumor itself yesterday, and he actually had me get a CT scan after I met with him - to give him a better idea of where it's located within the small bowel, and the size, etc. But, I did get a better sense of the surgery itself and what would happen --- he said he's going to do a resection of the area the tumor is in. I originally thought he would just remove the tumor and not take out that part of my small intestine, but apparently not. He's going to be doing the procedure laparoscopically, but at some point may have to make a small incision. And, my bowels will stop working during and after this surgery, but the amount of time it takes for them to "restart" depends on how much extra work they'll have to do....he said it wouldn't be that long if they know where the tumor is and they can just go in, do the resection and get out. We'll see....

The length of time I'll be in the hospital depends on how much exploratory work he has to do - hopefully the CT scan will show where exactly this is and they won't have to work off of a "ballpark" guess based on the capsule video. I'll probably be there from 4-7 days, depending on what's done. I won't know the results of the biopsy for 2-3 days, but he said they can usually tell whether it's benign or malignant once they remove it.

I'm having the surgery on Jan. 7 - hopefully that will give me enough time to recover and start school the end of January. He said I'd probably be on some decent pain meds for about a week, and I'd be pretty wiped out for about 3 weeks (which will put me right at the beginning of school), so we'll see. I didn't want to do this any sooner since I'm in finals right now, and then right after finals are over I'm spending the week in Tahoe....I didn't want to give up my entire winter break for this!

So that's about all the info I have right now, and I'll get the results of the CT scan Monday (I had it done early evening Friday) so I'll know more then. Does anyone know how accurate CT scans are in picking these things up? I'm really hoping they see everything they need to with that, but I thought I had read/heard somewhere that things can be missed on those tests as well...although no test is 100% accurate anyway....

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