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Thanks for the reply. Its amazing that you haven't had a flareup since 21 years, I wish I could be in that situation. Can you please let me know whats your diet everyday and what times do you take them? How much metamucil will you take and what times? I am female 29yrs. Though I am taking full dose of Citrucel 3 times a day, I am still having incomplete bowel movement and it will become hard next day, so I sometimes take stool softener also, I drink a lot lot lot of water, probably around 12 12oz glasses. Why are they not helping me? I am vegetarian, I dont eat eggs also, I don't consume coke or alcohol and also no milk products like cheese,butter or milk, but I will have approximately 1/2 cup yogurt during dinner. I will have 1 bowl of raisin bran for my breakfast and also for lunch. Dinner will be with rice,vegetables and yogurt. Is there something wrong with my diet? What should I do to have complete bowel movements?
Thanks a lot for your time.

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