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Yep, sitting up is the toughest thing right now.
They took 15" out but there are still tics in there.
The section they took out was where all my problems stemed from so hopefully I won't have anymore trouble. Of course, diet will play a big factor in keeping things at bay.
Doc told me I have no restrictions on foods with the exception of nuts and corn long term. Short term I have to be on the low rez diet for a month then the switch to high fiber.
Amazing how this disease is unheard of in undeveloped countries that don't have the fatty diets that westerners have.
This speaks volumes of what we do to ourselves.
It will be wonderfull not being in pain for a change.
I had a pretty big tic that was pushing on my bladder which always had me feeling lousy. Now, it's gone...Yippie!
A toast to our recovery!

It's great talking about things with someone that's gone through the same thing.
i forgot to ask u 1 more thing, you mentioned "tics" in ur posts, what are you talking about? do u mean litterally ticks as in the bugs? and if so how/what happened? thanks
Hey Ken, I had the surgery done laparoscopic assisted and was walking around the night of the proceedure. It took me 5 days to pass gas and have a BM. For me both came the same day minutes apart actually.
Once you pass gas you can be put on full liquids and solid food after the BM. I was put on a low rezidue diet and have another 3 weeks to go with it. No fruits or veggies, no whole grain products.
My BM's have been regular with the exception of the stool not being "formed". It's more liquidy, but I guess that's normal for me due to the fact that the sigmoid colon is where liquid is removed from stool and I had 25% of the sigmoid removed.
My opinion is that the prep is the worst part. I hated taking all the laxatives. They even gave me castor oil...yuck! That is some disgusting stuff. I thought castor oil use was only on the little rascals, was I wrong.
The tics that I referred to were diverticulars. I still have a few of the little but things should be much better for me.

Just think, you're on your way to being "normal" again after the surgery. It will only be a short time before you're feeling like your old self after being reconnected.
How long did you have diverticular disease?
In my case every time I called my GP to tell him I was having symptoms, he'd yell at me to have the surgery for 10 minutes and then he'd prescribe the antibiotics. lol

Best of luck on the surgery and I'll keep you in my prayers. Let us know how you make out afterwards.

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