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The lump can be a hemorrhoid but you should get it checked out.

You probably need to get more fiber in your diet. All meat and seafood contain no fiber also all dairy products. Food that contains no fiber does not make your intestines function properly and can cause intestinal spasms and cramping w/o fiber.

I take a water soluble fiber supplement Metamucil --twice daily to make sure I get enough. A person needs 20 to 30 grams of fiber daily. Also, all fiber is not the same. Some fiber absorbs water and some just passes through without changing but you need both for your intestines to work right.

Another thing lack of Calcium and Magnesium in your diet can cause spasms as well as cramping in all muscles including your intestines. You may want to take a supplement.

Just 1 alcoholic drink increases the magnesium passed in your urine 5 times. So it's easy to get depleted and need magnesium. It is in every cell of your body and 67% of it is in your bones.

I wish you well---Harry
Thanks Harry.
Later on that night the lump was gone but this morning it was back. Weird. I will try Metamucil. Being that it went down would that mean it is not cancer. I have never heard of a hemorrhoid being that far up.



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