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HI! I am the mother of a 5 year old that just had a lower GI. A barium enema to be exact. It was painful for him, but he was feeling fine within a short time, about 30 minutes.

This procedure was done because of his Encopresis, or stool holding. I have been to the Gastroenterologist, which gave me refill after refill of laxatives, but never was willing to go and take a look. I tried natural things, just like you, by fiber and increasing fluids, but eventually, this became an emotional issue and a very psychologically disturbing bathroom ritual of him screaming that he hated me for making him go to the potty and screaming that if I loved him, I wouldn't ask him to try.

I had enough of the tension and anxiety in my home surrounding toileting, so I demanded of my pediatrician to set up Xrays and procedure to just go in and look to see what the problem may be, if physical.

Today, I learned that his colon has been stretched out and we must see the specialist again to review treatment options.
I am glad that I pushed the issue because if he went longer, he may end up with a serious medical problem, such as mega-colon. He is only 5 years old and I knew in my heart that something was wrong.

I suggest that you don't ask what to do anymore, you tell them what you WANT them to do. Ask for further investigation to at least LOOK at his colon, bowels, intestines just to rule out an anatomical problem. This should happen NOW. Don't allow gastro to just give laxatives over and over, because this masks a real problem that may be there.

I have been there and it's tough. He has been labeled as ADHD with impulse issues, as well and I have another child who is high-functioning autistic, also diagnosed to have Tourette's Syndrome. I have a brother with Asperger's. I know of your journey.

Take your 4 year old immediately and ask to explore what the true issue is. I also would be curious to know if your child received the MMR vaccine and suggest that if he has, you ask that the gastro look for signs of a virus living in his bowels that could make the problem (he may have been born with) even worse. Doc will tell you there's no need, but there is a need to put parents at ease when we wonder about the health of our children.

I say this because I know a child that underwent gastro procedure PRIOR to MMR vaccine, and again AFTER MMR and the MEASLES virus was found inside the walls of the intestines.

Seek help now and GOOD LUCK!

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