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Hey 400 :wave: Wow...that's what my biggest fear was knowing I had the tics and the doctors telling me that i would end up like you if I didn't have the surgery.....makes me even more certain that having the surgery was the right decision ;) As far as how this happened....even when you have a scope done...not all tics are visible. If you are prone to this disease there will be multiple tics throughout the colon. However, in your case you may have had one or two perfectly hidden which weakened enough to perforate and thus cause all your problems. Just thank God that you did well....a perforation is deadly and if left untreated could cause death.

You are more than welcome to come here with any questions you may have. Actually there is a more updated site for resecties and newbies that I started..people check in there but Rex is on a sebatical and checks in once in a while.

In regard to your itchy as they may be it is best to just leave them dry. Ointments fan suprisingly attract bacteria and you don't need that. If you mus take a sterile gauze and soak it in water and blot the suture then blot dry it. Itching is usually a sign of healing and dryness as well.

I am really glad that you are many days have you been home??? Thank goodness you are okay....really count your blessings and i am sorry to hear that this all happpened to you in the first place. Your post will inspire many people here that are contemplating an elective resection when having diverticulitis. Thanks so much for probably will save a couple of lives....Goody :angel:

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