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Thanks Suzi, Auntjudyg & of course Supreme Colon Resection...for your support and quick responses to my questions. Have calls in to my GP, Gastro MD & Surgeon to finalize everything.

It's not easy being a mom and having to go through preparing for this surgery. I want to go in rested...but that's impossible with all that goes on here!! Trying my hardest to relax & not be too concerned....and convincing myself that it's somebody elses turn to take care of me for a change. I'm so use to being the one that takes care of everything & I'm finding it hard to switch roles and so are my 12 & 15 yr old daughters who are into the me me me stage of life!!!

Going out for my Mother's Day meal today since I will be clear liquids & cleansing out over the weekend. Youngest daughter leaves for a school trip tomorrow and returns late it's the only time we can all clear our schedules. Was surprised the OR schedule was open on the 10th...guess all the smart mom's are staying home!!! The good thing is that I should be the only mother in the OR unless there's an emergency of some sort. And the surgeon should be well rested...I don't think he'll be out partying with his Mom!!! So there are bright sides to everything.....

Please do keep me in your prayers...I could really use them at this time just for peace & comfort and a good dose of courage. I picked myself up an inspirational CD to get me through and we just returned from Belize & I have the most beautiful Easter sunrise pic that I'm going to print out nice & big to put in my room to look at.That should help out....and tonite over dinner I'm going to tell my family that it's time for mom to be pampered & spoiled and that I'm expecting to be treated like a queen... and I think I'd enjoy that for a change.

Well..I need to freshen up for my big night out...feels like my last supper and I'm going to enjoy it. Just praying that my tics don't act up prior to this I'm going to take it easy so I can get this all done & over with. Thanks again...Goody
Minnie...So great to hear you're doing well. Yes...I think it's wise to take the 6 weeks. I'm on week 5 and still tire easily and I had it done lap. My surgeon does claim that whether it's done lap/open it's all the same on the inside.

There is a new gal...'princess something' having it done open that has her own thread. Go under search and put in colon resection & you'll see her. She's having a resection & hysterectomy done open in 3 weeks. You might be able to advise her better than me 'cause she's having the epidural which I didn't.

Keep up the good work in far as diet my surgeon had me on a regular diet as soon as I could eat. I saw him yesterday and he said adding metamucil is important to prevent further tics from developing. I was fortunate enough to have all mine removed when he did the resection so I think I'll follow his advice so I don't have to go through this again.

Jen...Good for you...taking in a movie!!! What did you see? What a sweetie that hubby of yours is...curbside service & all!!! Well, you truly derserve it. Thanks for the words of encouragement....the sinus infection is coming along but does tire me out. I will be going out in a bit with my 2 girls to meet my husband's cousin's new baby for the first time. She came down from upstate for a week and now that I'm not coughing all over the place with my sinus thingy I can finally meet him. That will be my big outing for the day.

Well hang in there and I'll check in with you all later....Goody :D
Goody's back for a day or so...really missed you guys and glad to see this thread is still burnin'....

Minnie...speaking of "burnin'"....oh yes...Resection is right, oh boy was I in such pain the 3rd, 4th & 5th week following my surgery. I really thought I had adhesions like you were thinking...I really was down thinking how I may have made a mistake going for the surgery only to end up with something worse :eek: But like Resection said all of a sudden one day it was gone...and believe me, I thought it would never get better. You're doing great and I'm so glad to see that you're back to work!!! Take it easy and if you're body says it needs a nap...take it!!

Jen...So glad to hear that you're belly is all closed up...finally!!! And hats off to you girl for all the exercising ;)

Resection...Good to see you're still here doing what you do best...using your good sense of humor and experience to help those in need. Glad to hear that you're doing well.

Anyone hear from Helen? I'm really wondering how she made out...she has been in my thoughts & prayers constantly....I really miss not having my computer around when I'm at our summerhouse...I'm not able to check, on things as often. And Princesspod...she must be 3 days out of surgery...wonder how she's doing?

As for me...I'm doing ok...seems that all I do is poop lately :o It was that way for me since having my gallbladder removed. I'm really pretty much back to normal at almost 8 weeks however I do get these little twinges of pain on my left side...wondering if this is normal from all you that had the surgery. Nothing like prior to surgery but hoping I don't develop more tics to have to go through the same thing all over again. Watching what I eat & taking my metamucil like a good girl and keeping very busy with my summer. Really enjoying the family & life on the water. Took my first ride out on the boat to the ocean, had to wait for a calm day in order to do so to take care of my internal stitches!!! It was great to see our summerhome from the water's view...I had to wait quite a while to do it ;) Our family is very much into jetskiing and boating and it was torture for me to see them all go out and not be able to go along. I still haven't gone jetskiing...still feel I need to wait a while to do that!!!'s been great...planning my oldest daughter's 16th birthday party...she of course has to do it in her own style...wants a watersports party with jetskiing, tubing, beach volleyball etc. Hubby & I are thrilled...don't have to get into those big parties with DJ's, a hall, fancy dress, nails, makeup, and 100 guests to fill a room like all the other NY girls do!!! daughter is being smart & taking money towards her 1st car!!! And all she wants is 20 close friends to enjoy a day doing what she loves to do most. Tonite I will be writing out her invitations with her on beachballs which she wants to mail out (her idea of course and not an easy task). :)

Well...I better get busy...glad to hear everyone is doing well. A big hi to Polly too and lots of love and prayers to Helen & Princess.....Goody :wave:
Hey Goodie,

My little princess turned eight today. We had a quiet shindig for the occasion. She is hooked on a short story series by writer Caroline Lawrence. Of course, the #$%#! books are not published in the U.S. so we had to get them from across the pond. What happened to Barbie and Hula-Hoops?

Anyway, I just realized I had not gotten my blowup beach ball invitation to your daughterísoiree in the Hamptonís (with 18 of her closest friends). No doubt the USPS is still reeling from that damned anthrax thing.

Whatís up with me not getting the invite? Have you heard from Helen? She has been on my mind.

Colonicus Rex

P.S. I had a little bit of a tummy problem for a few days and was starting to get a jumpy. In fact, I was just about to start a full blown freak when things started to get normal in the BM department. It would have served me right. I am back to most of my old habits (including the ones that resulted in the loss of 8 inches of the man himself). Santa almost came our of her stilettos with a grand ďI ainít gonna nag ya, I am going to wring your ^%[email protected]#% head right off your neck if you donít fly straight boy Ö right after I cut you in the night that is). I think I am more scared of her than the ticís. National Presto Industries should take note of Santa. She knows how to create a real pressure cooker. Presto is for silly rabbits. This was the real deal. Sleepiní with both eyes half open for the time being.

Hey Debra,

Donít sweat the numbness, probably sensation will return. I am in my 13th week and still have numbness around the BB. Fortunately, I donít have much use for my BB, and neither does Santa. It is slowly returning to service. However, it is with that feeling you get when you sleep on your arm almost long enough to get gangrene. Probably it will all come back in a six to nine months.

Peace Be With You All
Good point DG on what one person sees another may not. I think my doc is a highly experienced stud, and he got a jack-in-the-box surprise when he opened me up. Nasty barnacle growing and adhering to all sorts of things. Doubled my time in OR. Despite tons of images, he just did not see it from the films. Actually, I had four surgeons look at the films while I was doc shopping. Plus, all of the radiologists to boot. I recall one of the CAT units was some brand new super fast laser peeper too that they were very proud of. GE 3mm Jedi Knight Light Sabre Imaging Machine or something. Very new and fancy, but there must be physical and human limitations that do not really allow for fine resolutions on soft tissues which are sufficient to make those types of determinations with high certainty. He told me I should have had the surgery two years earlier. I did not even know I was sick more than four months earlier. There you have it.

Like mama always said, ďTics is like a box of chocolates, you just never know what your are goiní to find until they rip you apart like a cow on a hook Ö er uh, until you bite into themĒ. Flash back. Actually, thatís a lie. I went lap. Canít really say I got field dressed. People are more likely to think I had liposuction than a gut resection. Tisk, Tisk.


Leaking, free fluid and free air in quantity are apparently easy to see in CAT scans. X-Ray too with contrast.

Peace To All And Good Night
Divers45....the pulling and burning are all normal occurrences. I recall feeling almost as if everything dropped and lacked support of any kind and thought the feeling would last forever. You have to remember that in order to get to your intestines there's alot of other layers that are cut and sewn back'll get better as time goes on. hang in there and know that you're in my thoughts & prayers. Boy...when it rains it pours on your side of town. Ftlauderdale got hit by a hurricane and you did too in your own way. Glad to see that you roll so well with the punches. Keep smiilng and know that we're here in anyway you may need.

All you resecties....keep up the good work in keeping the tics at bay and keep the fiber filled diets going......Goody :wave:
The lipid monitor is just to get feedback. I am going to diet and exercise to the extent I can manage this. Plus, it fits in well with my care for tic prevention. I was lo-res for about six months and was expecting a jump in the lips.

Now, I am back on the hi-fiber. Both are probably significantly related to diet, stress, and lack of serious and regular exercise. I believe tics and high lipids are mostly just the resultants of our lifestyle. I would bet cash money most divers also have one or more of the following (or will have), high BP, high lipids (except for HGL), and or diabetes.

Not sure if they are going to leave the fibroid in Santa or not. She is having some goofy woman problems. Besides, from what little I know of such matters, there is a very high reoccurrence rate. I guess she will have to pick the lesser of two devils.

She is plugged into a good breast center. Same as my mom (cancer free for one year). When she was pregnant with our second (five years ago), the HGH made a couple of broids start growing crazy. She had juggies as big as my head. Popped 'em out of there (local anesthia ... mama's tough). Since, then she has had needle biopsies every so often. So we have had a little experience with the broids in the breast anyway. Santa is upbeat. Reading lots on the subject. I expect her to be an expert soon.

You gotta look for the silver lining. At least my response for both tics and lips gets to be the same, high fiber, low mutant fats, exercise, stress reduction.

Resection Man
Just an update for all you resecties. Every September for the past 3 years I would cyclically be hospitalized with a bout of diverticulitis from anywhere for 5-7days on IV meds, clear liquids andgo home on the lo-residue diet and followup with a colonoscopy etc. You all know the protocol with bouts in between on oral antibiotics etc. Well alleluia...I believe it's safe to say since my resection on 5/10, September is here and I am feeling great and truly back to my old self and not living in fear of another bout with the 'ole tics!!! :bouncing:

It's a great feeling and I just wanted to let you all know that when we were all wondering if we should go through with an elective surgery and had our truly is all worth it :D :D :D

So to all you newbies who are in Goody's shoes wondering if you should have that resection and go through this surgical procedure....the answer is absolutely yes :D :D I can honestly say that it was all worth it as I'm sure other resecties will say.

Resection....I agree with Diver's grandfather's philosophy and if the Lord could pick a man to become any stronger it would certainly have to be you 'cause it was you that held Goody's hand and gave me the strength to make it through. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart as I do all the other boarders (Jen, Minnie, Harry, Polly etc.) for being there for me so I can offer this testimony to others that may stand in the place where Goody first began...full of fear, apprehension and uncertainty. Now I can be there to offer in living proof that a resection is truly the way of restoring one's quality of life ;)

Peace & God's blessings and remember Goody is here for those that may travel behind.....Goody :wave:
Hi, Shep :wave: It's Goody...welcome to my thread..seems like so long ago Goody was in your 2 shoes ;) You've got wonderful advice here as I had about 6 months ago...I had my resection done laproscopically on May 10th which was originally suppose to be done open but ended up via lap. My surgeon explained to me that both procedures require the same amount of recuperation time because internally the same amount of work is done. He told me he would perform it in the way that was best for do it laproscopically he would have to see ideal circumstances of no inflammation etc. I ended up having 8 inches removed and was told that he believed all the tics were in that amount and not scattered which could possibly lead to more diverticulitis in the future. I was lucky and have to say that now that it is all behind was the best decision I have ever made. I just finished some popcorn and know that if I didn't have the surgery I would be facing another hospitalization with IV meds and 6 weeks of a low residue diet and antibiotics etc.

You really are going to need the 4 weeks....I honestly didn't feel up to usual activities of daily living until around the 5 week mark. You don't want to push it or you will definitely have set backs. Everyone is different in terms of recovery but a friend of mine who is an OR nurse said that you will need a week for each day you are hospitalized in terms of recuperation. And she was right. I was in for 5 days and in 5 weeks I felt well enough to do what I did before surgery except for heavy lifting.

As far asthe tube in the nose....mine was out before I even woke up even though the surgeon said it may be in overnight. all depends on the extent to the surgery and the patient.

Goody is here for you in anyway you may need. Resection, Minnie, Jen, and Polly as well as others held my hand all the way thrugh. And we will be here for you too just holler and we'll jump in and ease any worries you may have on the road ahead......Goody :wave:
Tony....That's great...I'm with you on the person that comes up with a better more palitable way to cleanse the piping system ;) Just'll be done pretty much by tomorrow and they'll remove that polyp and the worries that go along with it. I'm a little mixed up with the people on board here with my last post to you assumming the resection you'll be undergoing was for tics not a polyp. is a life saving surgery and your family really needs you to stick around especialy your newest little miracle. So when your 5 year old tells you to not be such a and chug away knowing he'll have lots more to challenge you avout in the years ahead.

I will check in again tomorrow to see how prep school is going etc.

Santa....glad to hear you're doing okay. During my surgery the surgeon noted a firbroid...although I'm older than you they say that as your hormonal levels decrease so does the fibroid until it eventually shrinks away. tend to blame the hormones when it's actullay them getting on or nerves ;) Sorry...Tony and Rex as well as Shep. Boy this board is livening up with more testosterone...Minnie, Polly, Suzi, Jenn where are you guys???? I have a feeling I'm gonna need you guys after this post :D :D :D

Keep up the good work, Tony and remember there are always others that follow that will be looking for your help as well. That's what it's all about here ;)

May God Bless you and give you His peace and love at this time....Goody :angel:
Hey, Shep!!! Yup...your up next. Tony should be in for his slicing right about now...... :angel: He's a lucky man with a whole new life ahead of him as you will have too after they get rid of those nasty tics!!! are you feeling???? Must be wrapping things up and tying up all loose ends in preparation for your big day. Any word on your Prep School routine....either way it's gonna be the bowl. No way around that, my friend.

Well....we're all yours now. Just give a holler and we'll be here for you. The girls will have to hold your hand throughout the weekend since Rex and I will be on leave for the holiday. Hopefully you will be putting in an early Thanksgiving meal with the turkey and all the trimmings :D :D

Peace.....Goody :wave:

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