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Hi guys, maybe someone here can shead some light on my problem.

My left side has been hurting on and off (mostly on) for days. But the pain also moves around, sometimes its in my lower back, sometimes its in my middle back, sometimes it moves to the right, and sometimes it's in front, but it's mostly on my left side. Sometimes I'll have a sharp pain in the front lower pelvic area. I had a sonogram there about a month ago, because I've had this specific pain on and off, but it didn't turn up anything. I have been very gassy as well. I went to the Dr last week, they did urine and blood tests and an abdominal xray and didn't find anything except a lot of stool in my intestines.

I took some milk of magnesia a few days ago to help me have a bowel movement (I think I've been regular, but I figured it wouldn't hurt). I didn't actually go until maybe 8 or 9 hours later. My stool has been orangish for a while, but after I wiped several times, I did notice a spot of blood coming from my anus.

At this point, my side is still hurting on and off, mostly on.

The next day, I went again twice, and the 2nd time I went, most of the stool was the regular orangish color but a little bit was very dark and dark-greenish and less "together".

I hadnt gone since a day and a half ago, so I took a stimulant laxitive to see if I could get more out of me, and I just went twice - this time the stool was very dark dark-greenish.

The pain went away yesterday for a little while, I have been drinking a lot of water and urinating frequently, and before and during most of dinner last night, the pain really wasn't there. Also, the other night, first, I was standing up and walking around for a little while, and it felt as if the pain travelled into my upper back for a while. Then, I was laying on my stomach in bed later on, and the pain just went away.

Anyone have any idea what this is? Is it something I should get checked out further?

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