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Hi moz,

Sorry for not getting to you sooner. :wave:

Yes, it can cause some gas and discomfort (like feeling it in there doing its thing!!) I take it at night to start, before or after supper but read the directions as to when is best in relation to food or meds. :)

Do the one a day to start to see the effect. Then add another one at lets say noon. Fibre does have to be added slowly.

It's stimulant free. It's a bulker. But, bulk helps the peristalsis of the bowel so it stimulates itself. The reason yours seems to get stuck is possibly because of not eating enough or your bowel is a bit lazy. :yawn:

Personal habits, be them good or not is easily adopted by the bowel. You just have to go through the process to train your bowel to go in a timely fashion. I can relate to you about the soft stool stuff. I either prefer diarrhea, fast and OUT...or formed out and complete feeling. :bouncing:

If the Metamucil is working for you....there are also pills that you can take with meals. A consideration for next time, or to use as well. To me, they would be easier to take, as well if you are out and about, much more classy than mixing it up in a, I don't do it..but if you gots to go, you gots to go!! No matter the process. :eek:

But, I haven't tried them as of yet, but now they're available in Canada, so I'm planning on starting to use them.

My problem at this time is not diarrhea. So, I should start adding more fibre.....but since the Metamucil works so good for diarrhea, I'm wondering how long it's going to take for me to get things moving and scheduled for my must have morning bm. It's the pits becomming butt-focussed!! :rolleyes:

I know part of it for me is inactivity....too much computer, methinks :nono:

If you think that a tablespoon is too much at one time, take a half tablespoon 3 times a day. Make sure you get plenty of water and take a full glass of water afterward.

Hope it works and that this helps. :D


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