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WARNING- this is long, probably repetitive, since I tend to do that, and it may be contain more personal details of my feces and such, than you care to hear. Okay, I've never had the best of stomach and bowel health. I stayed nauseated more than normal people, or so I think, for most of my life, but this could be partially due to anxiety problems. I had a test for ulcers done once, but that turned up with nothing. Anyways, when I was in middle school, I think it was, I took this spell where I "got a burp stuck in my throat". Although, I could partly blame this on my undying love of pop. Well, it's like I would burp and burp, but always felt like I needed to burp again. Also, when I would eat, especially if I was feeling really hungry, it would feel like solid pieces of food where getting stuck in my throat. As I would eat, my throat would feel full or obstricted. I would try to eat anyways, but sometimes it would just keep getting worse the more I ate. I also had some acidy vomit liquid come up in my throat sometimes too. Since my mother and her brother both had acid reflux, and my poor father also with stomach troubles, and considering my symptoms, the doctor concluded acid relux and put me on meds. Well, eventually one doctor, not my regular one, but another doctor, suggested getting off the meds because he said I wouldn't want to be on them for the rest of my life. It is good that I quit because one of those medicines later was said to be responsible for some sudden deaths! Well, after quitting, it seemed the meds had had some permanant affect as my situation wasn't as bad as before. From time to time I would and will still feel the fullness in my throat, especially when very hungry, but not nearly as often as before. Other problems were also less problematic than before, but I still experienced them some. Well, later on in life, I began to have bad bowel problems. It started with me just getting diarrhea during my periods, but later it was like I constantly had diarrhea or constipation or feces of a consistancy somewhere between normal and diarrhea. And also I often had gas. No one understood why I used so much toliet paper, but it was like my butt was never clean. I'd wipe and there would be more. Infact, at some point long down the road, the wiping took effect on my anus and the skin around it actually broke open and bled. Almost everytime I would wipe my butt it would bleed and sometimes seemed to bleed anyways. It seems it has caused something like a sore to be there now. Years after this bowel thing became a problem, I had stomach problems severe even for me. I couldn't eat anything and my feces had basically turned to a yellow liquid. The skin around my butt was actually dripping blood in the toliet and seemed a little too much blood to be normal. I had serious gas and if memory serves me right sometimes my muscles would tighten up making it hard to use the bathroom. I think I had had this tightening problem before too, but I am just saying it was worse at this time. Everything was worse. I thought I had a severe virus, but when it didn't go away and when other symptoms showed up, and when I realized I'd been having several seemingly unrelated problems for awhile- fast heart, no appetite, period acting weird, now developing yellow skin and swollen bruises and spots on my tounge, among other problems- I went to the hospital. I was so tired and drained, but my mother said we should go that night. It was TTP. Well, after the TTP was better, my feces seemed to return to normal for awhile. It is prob. important to note that I was basically pop free for this time. It stayed this way for awhile after returning home, but then went back to the usual troublesome way. It still bleeds sometimes, but not like before, but that is to be expected because the TTP is what caused the bleeding to be so bad before. Anyways, awhile after getting home from TTP I got sick with something else. I don't know why it would have affected my stomach as it wasn't stomach related, I don't think, but I had a severe acidy taste in my mouth and became really sick and later threw up. After this, it went back to same ol same ol though. My feces is usually diarhea or somewhere between normal feces and diarhea except on rare ocassions when it's harder than usual. It is sometimes weird color. Green ocassionaly I think, but usually when it's weird colored, it's usually yellowish. Anyways, I guess I still have a gas and nausea problem, but not as bad. I also still have the ocassional fullness in the throat. And I still bleed sometimes and I still have a sore place on my butt. My muscles also tighten up sometimes when I use the bathroom making it hard to defecate. Sometimes, I feel like just giving up on it. I also have another problem. I know it may sound weird to look at one's feces, but with my tummy problems, I do. Well, it seems my food is not digesting well. I KNOW that corn normally shows up in feces, but why do pieces of everything else show up? I ate amaranth (first time) and all kinds of the grains showed up in my feces. I figure it may have just been the little seed hulls though. It could be normal. I've never known anyone else who's eaten it. I have also had several huge pieces of cherries show up undigested. I thought I chewed them better than that! It's like they reassembled in my stomach! lol. Also, other things like pieces of pickles and onion, and other stuff, regularly show up in my feces. The cherries were the weirdest. Never had that happen before. Also, sometimes I think things show up that I ate a couple days before. Although, that's rare. My stomach still worsens around my period. I just don't know what the problem is. Stomach problems run in the family. Acid reflux, ulcers, etc. Also, my grandma had colon cancer and so did my cousin. One of my grandma's mothers MAY have had stomach or colon cancer. We aren't sure (long story). One of my grandpa's died from what my mom thought was stomach cancer too. It WAS cancer. Mom just said she thought that it was in the stomach. I don't want a light shoved up my butt or down my throat, but I want help. I know this can't be normal especially at my age. I've been having problems since childhood that worsened around middle school or something. Please advise.

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