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Hi everyone,
I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis, I am a member of the throid message board but thought this topic may be answered better here. I have dealt with constipation, basically all my life only having a bm once a week or so, anyway just recently I have been having movements everyday but.... The stool is round and hard and marble like, kind of like when someone's compacted, anyway, in the marbles themselves is white streaks throughout, as if it is undigested bread or something. I know the change in stool regularity could be due to my thyroid thing but the streaks in the stool worries me a bit. Usually when I eat corn, I don't see it for a week if I see it at all, don't know if this info helps. I just would like to know if there is some digestive disorder related to the food not digesting properly.
Any info is appreciated
That must be awful to not go for a week! I feel bad unless I go every day!

I don't know anything about your situation...but I think it is normal to pass undigested food sometimes.
When my middle son was a toddler and he would eat pizza with black olives, I would later find (nearly whole) black olives in his diaper! My husband would say, "Jeez, doesn't that boy chew?"

I think it means that you are not chewing as well as you should.

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