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Bruised, I am a woman and have very similar problems as you are experiencing.
I too have gotten the medical diagnostic run around. 13 Doctors worth in less than a years time.
We now know what has been the problem.
I don't know if your problem is the same as mine but all I can do is convey what has been discovered in my case based on comparison to your issues.
I will answer your post in sections pasting the statements on which I can share my experience.
Hope at least some of this helps.

Post>>Has or does anyone out there have major tenderness mostly starting from your left lower side {where colon is}radiating over to your right lower side

answer>> yes,both HAD and do have. Not as bad as before I got treatment. Much much better and still trouble shooting but at least not rushing to the ER in crisis anymore.

Post>>I have had this now for 7 months straight,but last week just started getting a little worse.It is very very tender to touch.One little poke hurts it.<<

answer>> Mine began over a year before the accute stage. The accute stage came on suddenly and became unrelenting and I degraded very quickly.

Post>>1week later I was so bloated like 9 months pregnant,I went to a walk in clinic doctor,he diagnosed me with IBS.<<

answer>> Ditto. Diagnosis IBS.

Post>>I got blood work that came back negative for any infections<<

answer>> It usually does. Thats one of the ways they help to rule out other conditions.

Post>>December I see the surgeon to tell me I don't have a hernia,but ordered a ct scan on my lower abdomen.
December I went back to doctor to ask for an ultrasound.He orders one for my pelvic region.
December Christmas week<<

answer>> Ditto and Ditto again. Depending on a number of factors the standard Imaging tests almost never show the real situation. I've had more than one CT scan and more than one set of both internal and external sonograms.
No MRI has been done.
I hear those are somewhat helpful but still doubtful.

Post>>I had a bm that was black,and I freaked out.I also was vomiting because of me bloating so badly,everything sat on my upper half and I would vomit.<<

Answer>> Ditto again. Bad sign. always my personal warning of more bad bad trouble.
I use either OTC anti nausea meds or I now get a call in prescription of phenergan suppositories to tide me over until medical intervention can happen.

Post>>I told surgeon I have no problems up there it's my lower abdomen I'm concerned about And he won't do a colonoscopy because he said it's too risky.????<<

answer>> Colonoscopys do carry risk. However, not following through with important diagnostics is risky too. The eventual possibilities of the MAYBE developing problem is something that should be an assessment and joint decision between doctor and patient.
If your doctor is not of the philosophy to view diagnostics with at least a discussion to give you information on the procedure and let you decide, then find another Gastroenterologist who is more open to diagnostics. Since you have already seen that importance yourself and now have an appointment in May
that would be the next required step.
However, if your discomfort or your pulse and BP begin to show signs of stress, call the Gastroenterologist and request an emergency colonoscopy or try an Emergency Room and see if they might help with the matter.
If your pulse spikes up over 100 with severe abdominal/pelvic pain, leg pain, back pain or on going nausea, or even just spikes, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!
If your Pulse suddenly drops below 60 and you feel dizzy, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!

Post>>I don't have IBS.
My symptoms are really bad bloating which isn't relieved by a bm or farting<<<

answer>> Most Gastroentologists do not strictly adhere to that "ROME CRITERIA" of the discomfort relieved by a bowel movement.
The Rome Criteria is a set of guidelines to help identify IBS and differentiate between IBS and IBD or other problems, mostly so IBS sufferers can get help.
Since technical IBS might not have any detectable organic cause IBS sufferers have had a rough time getting medication and help.
The Rome Criteria is there to help define the syndrome as a real medical problem.
It's not there to block needy patients from getting help. If a doctor would begin with the original diagnosis of IBS and still look further into symptoms that might be cause for concern, you might just have a bit of relief while trouble shooting other contributing factors.

Post>>My bm are once a day,light brown,skinny,and float to the bottom.They aren't hard and I don't strain.Sometimes there's mucous in it as well.<<<

answer>> That is a bowel to be worried about.

Post>>I have the chills and have nightsweats.I sweat badly at night over the last 3 months.
I'm not contipated.<<

answer>> might be hormonal and then again it might be your bowel. When in crisis my symptoms are the same.
Sometimes it takes months to get really bad but I personally have had to have an Emergency Surgery for a life threatening Impaction.

Post>>I have a constant tenderness along my lower abdomen.<<<

answer>> There could be a few different reasons for that. maybe all related. maybe not. It's one of my signs that I need to give my bowel a little help before I need an emergency Room for intervention or another emergency surgery.
My Endometriosis and Adhesion problems contributed to that specific kind of pain.

post>>I have had 2 cesearean sections.Last one which was 2 and half years ago.<<<

answer>> basic reality....women who have had babies and/or C sections have a risk factor in the causes of adhesion development in the pelvic area.
Has anyone done a laproscopic procedure for you?
Has anyone gone inside of the pelvis to look around and clean things up if need be?

past>>If I did have a yeast infection I would know because it's a womanly thing and she knows.Trust me<<

answer>> yes, we usually do know don't we. But adding yogurt to your diet as a maintenance thing is a good idea anyway.
I like to use high culture plain no fat yogurt.
I mix it with water and make a yogurt milk and eat it over Bran flakes which specifically do not have any soy additives. The yogurt branflake morning meal will help your bowels move better which will ease your pelvic situation. This is not a cure but you might be a lot more comfortable. You need to work with fiber anyway and the bran yogurt combo is real helpful providing you do not have Celiac Disease.

So what was it in my case? That is a very complicated answer that is actually a whole syndrome in it self.

I had/have>>> A metabolic Endocrine disorder.

The initial problem was found to be my colon that was wrapped around the left ovary and stuck together with adhesions with enodmetriosis between the adhesions triggering more adhesion to grow compounding the severity of my adhesion situation every time I had a period. Both the left ovary and the colon were also found to be plastered to the musculature of the pelvic girdle. This condition was found ONLY by the surgeon going inside my pelvis and looking around through a laproscope that was inserted through my belly button.
The crink in the colon and the irritation of the adhesions on the outside of the colon cause for my whole bowel to become Irritable from top to bottom.
The shreddy bowels were explained as being bowel that was breaking itself up to bypass a partial blockage of hardened stuck bowel that was catching on the side of the colon when (A)The Colon would go into spasm from the irritation. (B) when the bowel would get stuck at the curve where the colon was twisted and attached to the ovary and the pelvic muscle.
And YES, the pain was UNREAL and right up there with natural child birth on the pain levels.
Natural child birth with a breech birth position because it was actually more intense.

Dark hard bowels happen for a couple of differnt reasons. Ruling out the color of the food you ate, it could be a sign of blood in the stool or it is also what happens to the bowel when it's been stuck.
When the bowel has been stuck the stool turns dark and gets hard because the intestines act like a big sponge. The intestines themselves will suck all the water out of your stools and eventually harden them up like dead wood if peristolis is not kept in action.
Unless of course your liver is in bad shape and then the stools might be light to light gray in color and that's another problem that needs a Doctors attention.

Additonal contributing problems. Cysts on the ovaries making a huge imbalance in the body.
Pancreatic dysfunction. Either inderproduction of Insulin which would be Diabetes or over production of Insulin which would be Hypoglycemia. Either condition can get to the point that medication to make the body cells receptive to Insulin would be the answer.

Adenomyosis. A Uterine condition which is Endometriosis Interna. It eventually makes the Uterus swell and become tender contributing to the whole pelvic pain reality.
Adenomyosis can only be really diagnosed by pathology.
Doctors who know the disease can identify by symptoms and a pelvic exam for tenderness.

The specialist who might be most help to you would be the Reproductive Endocrinologist and the Gastroenterologist.
But you want a Gastroenterologist who has experience with the bowel problems of women who have had Hysterectomys or Endometriosis.

I get anti spasmodics 3x a day for my bowel condition as well as a prescription laxative powder that is one of the few things that really works well. It is an osmodic laxative so it binds the essential water to the stool so the intestine can not make a sponge disaster when the colon is working through a spasm.
I get lots of other meds to for the management of this problem but all that is really comples so I'll leave off here.
Hope you find the right help soon.
Take care and let us know how you are doing.

P.S. There was nothing wrong with the inside of my colon. My colonoscopy returned showing a very healthy internal gut.
My problems are with the external pelvic side of the gut.
Do I have an Irritable Bowel? Most definately.
Is it IBS? That's debatable since my problem is linked with an anotomical crink adhesion problem.
Do my medical records list one of my problems as IBS?
YES. That's because the classification makes it easier for doctors to treat my symptoms and help me live more comfortably.
Also, because even though the adhesions have now been removed on 2 different occasions, my Bowel remains Irritable which then fits the criteria for IBS.
It's not a real clearly defined line.
With medication and prudence with my diet and exercise my bowel are much better and there has been progressive relief.

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