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With the problem of slow moving bowels you and your doctor must figure out why the bowels are slow. Are they really slow? or are they hindered by the colon being spastic? A spastic colon can create a slow moving bowel or a fast moving bowel just depending on the nature of the spasm.
If the condition is discovered to be spastic then there is a LOT of really good medicine available for treatment.
There is not test for a spastic colon.
The decision of a spastic colon is decided by a doctor who can decypher the symptoms.
Most of the time there is no organic reason for the spasms and then you get put into the category of IBS with diarreah or IBS with constipation.
Interestingly enough both the diarreah and the constipation versions are sometimes treated with similar meds with other meds being specific to each manifest condition.
The big key to retraining the bowel is to make sure you go when you have to.
Getting the bowel to go is half the battle. But then you have to work with the bowel when it says go and get up and seek out a toilet.
A lot of people work with retraining a bowel and then choose to ignore the urge when they are out away from home. Bowel retraining means making adjustments for the condition of your bowel and working out your activites to accomodate the need.
Excercise is vital and using coffee in the morning to give your bowels some stimulus by daily timing is also helpful.
Massage and foot reflexology helps too with the much needed relaxation phase of the process.
I have tried a lot of things fibre suppliments,
prescription meds, etc....but the absolute best thing that works for me is Raisin Braan with no soy additives and non fat plain yogurt mixed with water and poured over the cereal as yogurt milk.
I've had 3 surgeries in less than a year that have somehow all involved my colon and now, almost a year dowwn the road Raisin Bran,yogurt milk, exercise a good diet, medication for the specific problem and lots of water is what has helped me retrain my bowel.

P.S. a few months ago my bowel problems were about the
same intensity of trying to give birth to a watermelon anally. I was winding up in the hospital for medical help with my bowels and an I.V. full of meds so my poor heart wouldn't give me a heart attack.
Things are much better now. My bowels currently pass every day and they are no longer the terrible effort they once were. I still have good days and bad days but these days, bad days are nothing compared to my previous toilet traumas
Keep working with it. There's hope.

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