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I have to say that I think the answer maybe simpler than just IBS. You say that your problems started at the time that you changed your diet to a healthier one, that included more veg? Have you had any problems with your stomach/bowels before this time? If not, then I think you need to sit down and look at your diet then and now and try to ascertain what you cut out of your diet at the time and what you have added to your diet that maybe causing the problems.

It could be that by changing to a better diet and adding more veg to it, that you have unwhittingly cut out some carbs, that you may need to start eating again. Also, an increase in veg and particularly broccoli can cause gas and pain and diarrhea too if you suddenly change like that. You need to give your GI tract time to get used to it.

If you have not had problems before, then do sit down and carefully go through the changes, as it could be something as simple as this that has caused you problems, especially if you have not had problems before.

Also, something that occurred so quickly is not likely to be Celiac Spru (Gluten intolerance) and especially as you have tried a diet that is gluten free for sometime now.

From the sounds of it, you do need to increase your fiber and carb intake. You could do with adding some Metamucil to your diet. The English version of that is probably Fybogel that you can get from any Chemist. Take it twice daily and it will help bulk up your stools. It is water soluble fiber to can be taken safely long term. It does help with diarrhea too. If that does not help then you can get Phyllum husk from a healthfood store.

Also, sounds like you need to rebalance your gut flora by taking some Acidophilus caps. Take them twice daily on an empty stomach and this should help get the natural balance back that the diarrhea has washed out.

You say that you have pain in your lower left belly? Well, this would be in the decending colon, probably around the area of your rectum. For something like this, it is not unusual and can be because the colon has been overactive and has become inflammed due to all the diarrhea. Can also be gas pain too.

Colpermine, along with Colofac and Spasmanol are commonly prescribed among English docs and Colpermine tends to work, as it contains peppermint and that is good for gut spasms. if you want a more natural method though, try drinking some Peppermint or Chamomile tea. This is very good for stopping cramps and also settling a sore belly.

Hope this helps, but I would say, look at your diet firstly and see. It could be simpler than you think rather than anything more complex and you can have IBS type reactions to things that will then abate rather than having pure IBS itself.

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