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Hello, I have been having loose acidic stools with mucus. I usually don't have this all of the time. Sometimes I have what appear to be normal stools. The mucus is usually the color of the stool, either yellow or brown. This has been going on for a few years now. At first I thought that the mucus in the stools was harmless and caused from not having enough bulk in my diet. I suffer from GERD( Gastroententinal Reflux Disease and have a Hiatal Hernia) and take a perscription of Famantodine of about 20mgs. I probably should be on 40mgs but I can't afford it. I also have hypothyroid disease (I take 0.1mgs of Synthroid) and endometrois which is located on the floor of my bladder. I don't usually have alot of cramping or pain during bowel movements but my tush burns from the stool sometimes. I also forgot to mention that I find alot of undigested food in some of my stools. Some of the foods that show up are: tomatoes,lettuce,watermelon,cantalope and sometimes apples. Does anyone out there have any ideas as to what could be going on here?? Any advice you could give would be appreciated. Thank you! minnakitty

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