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When I was a little kid, I would wipe a million times, I would use a whole roll of tp sometimes. Now, at most I will still wipe around 10 times sometimes, but if I have time I just have a shower instead. I also strain quite a bit when going. I know this is definetly not good, and I am trying to change my habits since I received my first hemeroid, but I am pretty sure that I have some bathroom issues stemming from childhood.

However, I have read a lot of people say that people with hemeroids should aim for soft BM's. Personally I like hard ones, just because of the ease of cleaning up afterwards, sorry, this sounds gross :/

Basically what I am getting at is this, is it better to have a really soft BM and mabey have to wipe a lot, or is it better to have hard and mabey use a bit of pressure?

Also, this is a very vague question, but how much pressure is the right amount? I push everytime I go to the bathroom, I dont think I can comprehend not going to the bathroom and pushing.

For anyone who might try to answer my questions, I am healthy, 23 year old male, which no major health problems.

Thanks very much.

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