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I'm sorry you're going through this, but you may never find a timely answer. I have had "gut" pains for 20+ years, and after seeing a number of docs,ultrasounds and a HIDA scan, it's comming down to Spastic Colon and IBS. I started having "attacks" in the gallbladder area in the early '80s and it was thought to be just that, but no ultrasound has ever showed stones. It could happen once a year or 3 times in a month. One pattern I found was eating ANYTHING after fasting for several hours, having a late breakfast for example, would trigger it, and if I didn't catch it with antispasmodics soon enough, it would last for up to 12 hours. Excruciating! Also taking metamucil(as i was told to do frequently) would trigger it. Afterward, the area would be tender to touch for days.I was told it was irritable bowel/spastic colon, but got no details.Later was told billiary dyskinesia(sp?), possible sphincter of oddii disorder. I finally believe now the spastic colon diagnosis, as I have learned to pay more attention to what's actually happening. When the attack is in my upper right abdomen, if I can relax(with help from meds), I can actually feel the spasms. I still don't know exactly what is contracting(gallbladder, bile duct?). I also have attacks in the upper middle abdomen, just under the sternum, that wake me out of sleep. No warning, just severe stabbing pain, that can bring me to my knees for about 5 minutes, if I let it happen. My heart races and I sweat profusely. I have learned to keep a thermal cup of water next to the bed and if I sit up quickly and drink several gulps, it will interrupt the attack. I used to run to the kitchen and gulp down milk, but I now think that any cold liquid will stop the attack. This hardly ever happens when I'm awake, isn't an "upset stomach",and doesn't seem to be "gas attacks", as I don't belch or anything after drinking the water, the pain just slowly subsides. It doesn't happen every night, but can happen 1-3 times in a night. Lastly, I've started having rectal spasms, also in the middle of the night(I don't get much sleep!). This can last up to 15 minutes or so. Stabbing pain(contraction?) that wakes me up, deep in the rectum(literal pain in the a**). There's not a lot I can do in this situation, just ride it out(sitting on a heating pad helped). Luckily, it doesn't happen very often.Scared the heck out of me the first time, thought I was having an aneurism!
Anyway, I'm sorry this is so lengthy, but I just wanted to let you know you're not alone in your frustration. It seems that the doctors have to go through the process of elimination to figure things out, and you may just have to treat the symptoms, while figuring out yourself through trial and error how to prevent or cut back on your attacks.
I've had FMS for 20 years and this may relate to my IBS. I don't really watch what I eat(attacks didn't care if food was healthy or not), have hemmoroids,I'm overweight, menopausal, and have ADD. But still, over time I've noticed that certain things help. I don't have attacks when using my ADD stimulants regularly(there is a "mind-gut" connection), I can eat spicy foods, but I can't take cayenne supplements(will trigger attack), smaller more frequent meals work better for me, certain pain medications trigger the night time spasms, flaxmeal is a better fiber for me than psyllium, and so on.
Try to pay attention (as it seems you already do)to what is happening with your attacks(spasms or no,duration,etc.), write it down, give it to the docs. They're probably as frustrated as you. Get tested for allergies. You don't mention your age but estrogen levels affect intestinal motility(HRT can slow it down).
I hope I have given at least a little helpful info and not just bored you to death. I'm glad you can at least get some symptom relief with meds. Good luck to you.
Did any of the tests you had on 12/18 that revealed you have hiatal hernia, gastritiis, ulcer but not caused by H.pylori, inflammation of the dudenum, spastic colon, diverticulars, bile induced diarrhea and too much stomach acid--- all of these did not go away or did I miss something?? You Still got all these problems --Right???

If you do then trapped gas when eating anything can cause your hernia to go into spasms and increase your heart rate and BP.
Lack of magnesium in your diet can cause muscle spasms anywhere in your body.
A very good homeopathic remedy to help when you have attacks like you describe is Magnesia Phos-- taken as needed -- it is very good for cramping and spasms.

An irritated vagus nerve can also cause problems. B/P of 86/54 p63 is too low without being on a medication of some type??

15 to 20% of ulcers are not caused by H.pylori bacteria. THey are caused by other things.

All of these problems don't come on over night??
Protonix is a time released PPI and heals ulcers, and gastritis in about 8 weeks or so caused by too much stomach acids. That is how it is treated-- based on your endoscopic exam test results. Hiatal hernias don't go away!!!

God Bless ---Harry

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