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It is possible to have impacted stools (bad constipation) such that only a thin string of stool can pass through the middle of the impaction.

You might try slowly taking a warm water enema and holding it for a few minutes before letting it out. This may help clear the impacted feces. If you think this might be the problem then try taking a packed "oil retention" enema and hold it for 30 minutes or more before taking the warm water enema. The oil will also help soften the hard impacted stool. I would suggest the enemas over oral laxatives for the same reason that it is easier to clean a clog pipe from the output end instead of the input end. It will probably put less pressure on the already extended bowel wall. Just take both enemas slowly, so that you do not produce an instantaneous, uncontrollable, urgency.

If this does not help much, then you need to see a doctor immediately. Infact you should probably see one anyway. It maybe be just that your diet, habits, or stress level changed enough to make you constipated. Be sure you are getting 2-3 liter of plain water everyday, and getting about 30 grams of fiber.

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