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Everything you said makes perfect sense. We all are scared when first diagnosed because we don't know what to expect.

Positive......well, you'll be fine (this term is subjective of course, I think you'll be fine, you have to believe you'll be fine, too).'ve had good results with 5ASA.

positive......if you used your meds will have continued results. doesn't go through you in a few hours. Food triggers the peristalsis movement, and anything that has moved into the bowel will get rushed out in a hurry because of the inflammation.

Positive....when food gets rushed out in a hurry, the body doesn't retain the proper nutrients.

Positive.....once the inflammation has died down, the bowel slows down and learns how to work properly again.'ll gain back any weight you've lost once you get the inflammation under control.

Positive......Metamucil Smooth (not the aspartame kind) will help bulk up your stool. small meals, chew them well. Eat every 2 or 3 hours. Protein drinks might be an option for between meals.

Positive......experience is our best teacher, no matter how much stuff we hear from other people. took me 3 months of Salofalk retention enemas (same as Rowasa) to get the bleeding to stop and finally form proper stool, end the urgency/cramping...etc. I then had to taper off the meds and had a remission a few months later.

Positive.....when I was still flaring and on Asacol and Salofalk..I tended to get a bit ticked at times and just skipped dosages. I flared, and realised there's a right way and wrong way in dealing with these meds.

Positive....5ASA is still one of the best meds to deal with UC. It's a good start..but I would like to have you experience them working for you.

Positive....patience is doc kept telling me this and I heard him through my tears of fear. He was right, and I learned to trust the medication, him and most of all...myself in how to use it properly.


You can do all that's required to deal with this. It takes time to accept a diagnosis, symptoms, deal with frustration, realise changes are necessary, but it can be handled well. It's life-long, and that's why I encourage you to learn. What if you gave 5ASA a really fair try and then if it really didn't meet your expectations, you can go on the prednisone?

Give it even one month of proper (NO missed dosages) meds.

I just want to add that high dosages of asacol can also increase diarrhea. But, you could consider to reduce that after your urgency has decreased.

The Metamucil will definitely bulk up the stool. Start with one dosage a day and increase to two for a few days. I've gone as high as 3 daily, but only needed to do that for a few days.

PRednisone doesn't work by building up to a dosage. You might not get the side effects...20mg is a very low dosage. I know people who take 60mg daily.

I really really think you can do can put off your colonoscopy until you see some results with your meds and start to realise your fears have lessened.

My psychologist has always told me......options....having options is what keeps you from feeling stuck, isolated and desperate. Challenge the irrational thoughts and give yourself rational statements about those thoughts.

Your life won't end soon because of the UC, that's for sure.
Trust in yourself. Read lots on UC. Take a day at a time.

Keep things in perspective.

I've been at this too long, so forgive me if I'm too forward.

quincy :wave:

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