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You have to avoid all gluten products, or else it won't work. Please be patient because it will take time for our small intestine to heal from eating all those wheat and gluten products. I don't think we are allergic but intolerent of wheat and gluten. Our small intestine is not able to properly digest our food. The enzymes and calcium we are eating is not able to work because of the intolerence of gluten. The villi in our small intestine needs to heal. They say once you are gluten free and symptoms are gone, don't start eating gluten, because you are continuing to damage your small intestine and it's destroying our enzymes.

It will take time, but stop eating it immediately! I went to the health store and bought gluten-free crackers, cereal, noodles, chocolate chip cookies, waffles, and bread. I also bought some more probiotics to help with my digestion system. Also, eat all kinds of fruits, apples would be good for the fiber diet. But just go to the health food store and buy everything gluten-free. Also look on the internet for name labels that may have wheat and gluten related products. It is tricky and you have to be very careful with the labels. Even the ones that say artificial flavors may contain gluten. Also, the bread has wheat! You should bake your foods to stay away from the flour it has wheat! I know everything has wheat or gluten and it will be a big change in your life! Meats are pretty safe, and mexican food, condiments too.

Health_Freak don't give up because you don't see immediate results, you should see improvement soon though, if you are totally gluten free. The more you eat gluten, the longer it will take for your intestine to heal and properly digest your foods. That means you can't cheat either, because you are only further hurting yourself and the stomach noises will continue to embarrass you in class or anywhere else.

Lets work together!
Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing, I will check the board numeours times a day!

Good Luck!
Also Health_Freak they said that people that are intolerent of Gluten and wheat think that they are lactose intolerence too because of our damaged small intestine. But after about 3 months of a gluten-free diet, you will learn if you are lactose intolerent because the villi inside of the small intestine will heal and produce those enzymes needed to digest foods like milk. Also, I went to the book store and bought a book about gluten-free diet. Do your research, get educated about your body. You know your body better than any doctor!

Also, you said that youre intolerent of spicy foods, oils, and etc.. Give yourself time to get the gluten and wheat out of your system and then slowly introduce those foods, if your symptoms come back, you know to eliminate them completely. Also, I am suffering here going by my favorite restaurants, church's, pizza places. But if I want to heal and those embarrassing noises to disappear completely, I have to stay strong!

Good Luck!
Remember keep in touch daily and no cheating!

Yes, we need to eliminate all wheat and gluten products until the villi of the small intestines heal. Again, you are going to be gassy, but shouldn't be as much as before. Remember, your system needs time to clean as well (patience). If you keep it up, you will see improvement!

Today at work, I have not yet heard a gassy stomach growl. Over the weekend, I heard two, but I think it was because I was hungry.

Also, I love these gluten-free crackers that I bought. They are really good, I ate them with an avacado this morning along with fruit. Also, I am on another computer, because my internet service for some reason isn't working on mine. I will keep posting daily.

Remember stay away from the gluten and wheat. Also those cereals that contain wheat. Also, If you are concerned about the calcium intake, drink plenty of orange juice, american cheese also is gluten free! (Watch out for constipation!) Also, I bought some Caltrate (Calcium) for colon without gluten for my calcium intake along with beano to help with the enzymes.

Stay away from the Gluten Health_Freak!

Good Luck!

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