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Sivad ~ You say that your colonoscopy shows that you have diverticuli throughout 40% of your colon. Did your gastroenterologist identify what area of your colon is most affected???? And have you ever had an infection yet???

Just a little education....diverticulosis is the disease of having diverticuli (tics)throughout the colon. Diverticulitis is the infection of the colon once food clogs up a tic causing the colon to inflame and infect as a result. If this happens and is left untreated, there is a good chance that the colon can perforate causing a very dangerous systemic infection (one that enters your bloodstream and can lead to death). Emergency surgery with a colostomy is usually necessary. So it is important to keep yourself from getting to the infective stage which sometimes is out of our control no matter how well we try to do this.

Avoiding foods such as nuts, seeds, corn, peas, popcorn etc. and kddping yourself regular and from becoming constipated is key. But evenso, if the tics are in a bad place EG:the sigmoid colon where there is a turn where things still get stuck a resection may be necessary.

Sivad....I am concerned at the percentage of diverticulosis in your colon. Your body will tell you how things will go. I had a resection a little over a year ago because no matter how I avoided the target foods and increased fiber I got 5 infections within an 18 month period of time. My gastroenterologist told me that it was only a matter of time before I perforated. I had 8 inches of my sigmoid colon removed and have no regrets in having had the surgery. I have not had pain or an infection since. I was fortunate in the sense that the surgeon was able to get all my tics since they were concentrated in one area. I thought I would share this info with you and Teasugar so that you are better aware of the facts and will do what is best for your overall health. When you are experiencing pain please be very careful....each time you have inflammation of the colon thetics thin out more and more and eventually you will perforate. It is very important that you rest the colon and not put any unnecessary pressure when you are experiencing pain and that if your pain worstens that you inform your doctor. Even without a fever antibiotics maybe necessary to prevent things from progressing. I hope this info helps....knowledge is power....Goody :wave:
[QUOTE=sivad] To answer Goody's question about colon location, I did not have a GI, just a surgeon did mine. He said the worse were at the bend in the colon where it attaches to the rectum. [/QUOTE]

From what you describe, Sivad, you have your "tics" in the hot spot of your colon. This is in the sigmoid which is the area that Goody had removed...8 inches. Apparently everything seems to sit there until we push it out (sorry for the graphics) and it tends to get stuck in the pouches of the "tics" which inflame and get infected. You can only do so much to make sure that things move smoothly through this area. Each time you infect the lining thins out and weakens and there is a higher risk of perforation or leakage. That is why I had my resection because I am 45 and was told that diverticulitis runs rather aggressively in younger people (those under 50). I had 5 infections within 18 months and decided that I didn't want to end up in the ER with a perforated colon and a colostomy. But in alot of cases diverticuli are present and never cause a problem. If you have pain going back on your diet for a week or so to rest the area helps but if you have repeated infections a resection may be necessary. Everybody responds differently and your body will tell you whether you really need the surgery of not.

[QUOTE=Teasugar] Did you alter your diet severely in hopes of preventing attacks and what results did you get from that? Also, did you have any foods that you thought were culprits? I also think pushing myself and getting exhausted plays a role. I feel fatigued and haven't felt my healthy self for the last five years to be honest. Did you notice any changes in your energy level after surgery? Thanks so much for taking the time to support and inform. [/QUOTE] The big culprits were seeds. My gastroenterologist said that seeds were not the culprit, that you would infect with or without them. Well, he was half right....I avoided the seeds but still infected twice and ate seeds and infected twice. So in my experience avoiding seeds, popcorn nuts and any undigestible foods is good. And keeping yourself on a high fiber diet with lots of water is another. Tea is not good if caffeinated, that is irritating to the colon. If you are having pain you need to avoid all fiber and eat the food I described in a lo residue diet. That relieves the pressure that an inflammed colon. Beef & fatty meats are also bad. Take the skin off of chicken. And stress definitely flares things try to avoid that as much as possible. With my lifestyle of raising 2 teenage girls it was easier to remove the colon than the stress :D I hope this helps....Goody :wave:

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